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Your wellness shop Arasia offers a wide range of objects and accessories for well-being, meditation, massage and relaxation.

Discover our massage and self-massage accessories for the feet, hands, back, head, fingers, to relax your muscular tension, improve your circulation and your health easily and anywhere!

Our Tibetan bowls produce a ve...

Your wellness shop Arasia offers a wide range of objects and accessories for well-being, meditation, massage and relaxation.

Discover our massage and self-massage accessories for the feet, hands, back, head, fingers, to relax your muscular tension, improve your circulation and your health easily and anywhere!

Our Tibetan bowls produce a very pure sound and are perfect for your meditation sessions.

Our minerals will make you enjoy all their astonishing virtues on the body and the mind.

Our AUROSHIKHA ethical incenses are 100% natural and guaranteed non-toxic, in addition to being of excellent quality.

In terms of decoration, we offer you curtains, lamps, wooden boxes, Thai triangles cushions, and the wordly famous Thai pants with their great comfort! All these products are decorative, pleasant to use and they will act positively on your good mood, your well-being and your general health!

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  • peace of mind gift box

    The Arasia wellness box is the perfect gift for anyone interested in wellness and personal development. It is beautifully presented in a cardboard box, and ready to be gifted. We can add a personal note on request.

    29,00 €
  • massage gift box

    This beautifully presented gift box includes a statuette of Buddha in soapstone (soapstone), an assortment of natural incense, and a pretty round bleached wooden incense holder handcrafted in India. It is packaged in its black box and a nice gift package. We can add a personalized message on request.

    32,00 €
  • Well Being Gift Box

    This Evasion box contains 14 objects dedicated to your well-being: 1 Buddha statuette, 4 massage accessories (1 head massager, 1 roulette, 1 massage ball on 4 legs, 1 massage ring), 3 different natural incenses ( random scents), 1 round bleached incense holder, 3 different minerals, 1 tree planted in India, and 1 wellness booklet in french, that you can...

    49,00 €
  • Fingerzen YIN

    Finger massage rings are also called acupuncture rings or sujok rings. Popular among Chinese, the inventors of acupuncture, their daily use brings well-being by the relaxation of meridians.

    3,00 €
    • YANG Finger Massager

      The YANG massage ring is thighter than the YIN ring and is suitable for the morning to stimulate your fingers. It is particularly suitable for people with fine fingers, or people who are using regularly massage rings and who seek a stronger effect.

      3,00 €
      • Acupressure Bracelet

        The acupressure bracelet is used for the massage of hands, wrists, forearms, elbows.This is a metal ring made of small triangular shaped dots that stimulate the reflexology points of your hand.

        10,00 €
        • Head Massager "Zen-Zen"

          This head and hair massage accessory produces exceptional effects with its 12 rods on 2 different levels that stimulate the millions of nerve endings in your skull. In a few seconds, it will give you an incredible feeling of well-being and relaxation!

          8,00 €
          • Thaï Triangular Cushion

            The Thai triangle cushion is a nice decorative object, with its original triangle shape and Thai patterns and embroidery. Perfect for an aperitif with friends around a coffee table!

            59,00 €
            • Fisherman Pants

              Thai pants are essential garments in the world of wellness, yoga classes, martial arts, massage parlors, spas ... It is one size fits all and unisex. Casual, original and comfortable.

              22,00 €
              • Cotton White Shirt

                This white cotton shirt is very comfortable to wear. It is mixed and will fit both men and women. The fabric is not too light, nor too thick, it is perfect!

                22,00 €
              • Cushion of Meditation

                This typical Thai cushion square shape is about 36 cm side and 3 cm high. Various colors in stock: sky blue; orange / burgundy, or burgundy / black.Ideal as a meditation cushion, it can also be rolled on itself to be used as a pillow!

                29,00 €
                • Mortar + Pestle

                  Our mortars are made of very solid wood and are supplied with their mortar hand. They are suitable for food use. Very pretty also in home decoration.

                  12,90 €
                • Massage Strap

                  The back massage strap is ideal for relieving pain and releasing muscle tension. Very easy to use, it can be used for massage the back, the neck, the glutes, the back of the thighs and the calves ... You can reach all the zones of the back of your body quickly and without effort.

                  14,90 €
                • Automassage Supple Stem
                  Reduced price!
                  Automassage Supple Stem

                  With this self-massage rod for the back you can massage your back yourself in depth, and dose the pressure as you wish. It allows you to easily reach all points of the back, without lifting your arms.

                  21,25 € 25,00 € -15%
                • Dream Catcher

                  In Amerindian culture, the dream catcher protects the dreams of sleepers. This pretty handcrafted object is composed of ring strings and feathers. Very decorative and perfect in a sleeping room!

                  24,00 €
                • Massage Stick

                  The wooden stick for reflexology is traditionally used in Thailand to massage the arch of the foot. It can also be used on other parts of the body, such as hands, arms, back, face ...

                  8,00 €
                • Recycled Paper Notebook

                  These beautiful recycled paper notebooks are hand made in India by tibetan refugees.The cover is covered with fabric, inlaid with pearls, sequins, small chains ...There is a cord that can be used to mark your page or to keep the notebook closed.

                  20,00 €
                • Mandala Puzzle

                  This puzzle Mandala is a harmonious object to meditate on the principle of life and the universe according to Eastern traditions. You can give it different forms of sacred geometry, as the flower of life, a lotus that opens, a space shuttle, a drum, a wheel, a sphere ...  

                  10,00 €
                • Qi Qong Balls

                  Take the two balls with one hand and rotate them, in one direction, then in the other. Repeat with the other hand. Regular use increases the dexterity and flexibility of the hands. Rotate the balls counterclockwise, this is the Yin direction. When you spin the balls in a clockwise direction, it is the Yang direction.

                  18,00 €
                • Green Aventurin Bracelet

                  This bracelet is made of 8 mm green aventurine beads. Aventurine allows you to look inward, and make the necessary changes in your life to access well-being. It is a stone of introspection, patience and perseverance.

                  22,00 €
                • Pink Quartz Bracelet
                  Reduced price!
                  Pink Quartz Bracelet

                  This bracelet is made of natural pink quartz beads. Beads diameter 8 mm. This bracelet will bring you inspiration for a full life. Rose quartz is a stone of love and sweetness, brings peace and cures sorrows. Promotes harmony and trust.

                  18,00 € 20,00 € -10%
                • Tiger Eye Bracelet

                  The tiger eye is one of the best protection stones, it has been used as a talisman since time immemorial. It is also an anti-stress stone, which helps to maintain good attention, as well as memory.

                  20,00 €
                • Carnelian Bracelet

                  This beautiful bracelet is made of natural carnelian 8 mm beads. The carnelian is a stone of vitality and dynamism. It improves circulation, concentration, and work abilities. It also has calming and anti-stress effects. Excellent for women and to regulate menstrual cycles.

                  20,00 €
                • Amethyst Mala

                  This mala is composed of 108 pearls, mainly amethysts, but also amazonites and jasper, diameter of 8 mm pearls. There is also a larger pearl in amethyst and a purple pompom. He brings peace, and serenity. Purple is the color of spirituality.

                  48,00 €
                • Mala Unakite

                  This mala is composed of 108 unakite beads (8mm diameter), small brass beads and a brass pendant representing a lotus. Unakite is a vision stone. Balancing, it allows you to overcome blockages, take a step back to better visualize and integrate the stages of your life. The lotus is a symbol of spiritual elevation.

                  42,00 €
                • Jasper and Amazonite Mala
                  Reduced price!
                  Jasper and Amazonite Mala

                  This beautiful mala necklace is made with 108 amazonite and landscape jasper beads, a Tibetan style pendant with inlaid turquoise and rubies, and the engraved aum sign. There is also a purple and sky blue ponpon. Amazonite is a stone of tenderness and sincerity. The landscape jasper is a stone of introspection, which helps to move forward in life.

                  43,20 € 48,00 € -10%
                • Massage Ball

                  The massage ball can be used on yourself or someone else. Grab the largest ball and make circular movements and small taps on most of the body: back, legs, arms, stomach, neck, head ...

                  12,00 €
                • Wooden Back Scratcher

                  Our wenge wood back scraper with its small hand is very practical to scratch your back yourself. The other end has a small hole that allows a cable to pass through to hang it on the wall. Length about 43 cm.

                  12,00 €
                • Car Shaped Massager

                  This small wooden massage accessory is very easy to use, and very playful with its car shape. This massage car will also be very popular with young children who will enjoy rolling it on their mom or dad's body!

                  10,00 €
                • Zencube
                  Reduced price!

                  This wooden hand massage accessory with its 6 round corners is effective for relieving tensions accumulated in your hands (from working front of the computer for a long time, for example).  Place the instrument between your hands and perform wrist rotations, roll and rotate it in your hands ...   

                  7,20 € 8,00 € -10%
                • Plant a Tree

                  Arasia propose, in partnership with Mass-Education, to plant one or more trees in the Sundarbans, a magnificent Indian region listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.1024 trees have already been planted by Arasia in this region since 2015.This action sensitizes the local population to the challenges of the tree and the forest, and makes them an...

                  1,00 €
                • Kinetic Sculpture

                  This fascinating kinetic sculpture that you slide down your arms, or down a rope, is extraordinary.It is an interactive and hypnotizing toy, a soft massage accessory, a meditation support ...Our KINETIC SCULPTURE in silver metal, is supplied in its fabric case.

                  20,00 €
                • Sandalwood Fan

                  This sandalwood fan is handmade in Thailand and is 20 cm long. Fragrant and delicate, it is openwork and decorated with hand-painted flowers.

                  8,00 €
                • flower carpet

                  Our flower carpet measures 67 cm by 42 cm, it is sold with its pillow (35 cm by 15 cm by 10 cm) and its storage bag. Ideal for relieving pain and activating blood and lymphatic circulation.

                  69,00 €
                  • Light Thaï Shirt

                    This unisex shirt is made of light cotton and has long sleeves.Very comfortable to wear!Exists in several colors.Ideal to wear in combination with Thai pants or harem pants.

                    20,00 €
                    • Cotton Fouta

                      The fouta has become a worldwide known accessory and recognized in the world of well-being, thanks to its many qualities: light, compact, soft, absorbent, fast drying, multi-purpose ... It is ideal for the beach, sauna, or steam room.

                      15,00 €
                    • Foot Massage Roller
                      Reduced price!
                      Foot Massage Roller

                      Discover the pleasure of foot massage with the reflexology tablet, which will give you a deep and rapid relaxation of the whole body.Make yourself comfortable in an armchair or on a chair, and take off your shoes. Place the tablet on the floor, put your feet on it and slide them back and forth.

                      27,00 € 30,00 € -10%
                    • tree of life pendant

                      This beautiful tree of life pendant 7 chakras in natural stones is handcrafted in India. It symbolizes strength, the origin of life, immortality, the importance of roots, origins and family.

                      15,00 €
                    • Natural Stones Bracelet

                      This beautiful bracelet is composed of various pearls: carnelian, amethyst, aventurine, pink quartz ... It brings harmony and well-being. Diameter of the beads 8 mm.

                      22,00 €
                    • Magnetic Balls

                      The surface of the balls is bristling with hundreds of tiny spikes that act like needles at your reflexology points. At the same time, you benefit from the effects of magnetotherapy: vitality, pain relief, relaxation, because there is a magnet inside the balls. (sold in pairs)

                      8,00 €
                    • Hand Massage Tool

                      Place the hand massager between the palms of your hands, and rotate, to act instantly on the reflexology points of your hands.

                      8,00 €
                    • Cross of Massage

                      Use this massage accessory to apply pressure on different parts of the body: feet, hands, arms, back, neck ... The massage cross is a very popular massage instrument because it is solid and allows a good grip.

                      10,00 €
                    • big hand massager

                      This massage accessory is to be held between the hands and rolled over each palms. The small balls massaging the hand will stimulate the points of reflexology. The use of this instrument stimulates intellect and concentration, as well as the circulation of blood and energy.

                      14,90 €
                    • Hand and foot massager

                       This 2 in 1 massage accessory is composed of 2 parts.The part with several prominent points is to be rolled between the 2 hands, this movement stimulates the reflexology points of the hands.The other tip-shaped part can be used on the soles of the feet or other parts of the body like a reflexology stick.

                      12,90 €
                    • Lot of 100 finger rings

                      Ideal for therapists, masseurs or wellness shops. You can give the rings to your customers (it's a very welcome little gift) or resell them individually.Lot of 100 massage rings varied and random colors.The massage ring or acupuncture ring prevents arthritis and osteoarthritis, stimulates the meridians, activates circulation, and relaxes the fingers.

                      100,00 €
                    • Adjustable Copper Ring

                      Our copper rings have an adjustable size. Copper has anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties. Several models are available: you can indicate your preference in commenting your order, otherwise the model will be sent randomly.

                      9,00 €
                    • Wooden Spinning Top

                      These pretty wooden spinning tops are made and hand painted in the Sundarbans in Bengal. They will delight small and big children ! They are magical because they turn very long time (up to 5 minutes).Not under 3 years.

                      6,00 €
                    • Hematite Bracelet

                      This bracelet is made of 6 mm diameter hematite beads. Hematite is a stone of anchoring, calm, concentration and communication. It brings strength and increases self-confidence. It is excellent for shy people. It will bring you harmony in your life and in your relationships with others. Hematite purifies the blood and helps the absorption of iron.

                      12,00 €