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Your wellness shop Arasia offers a wide range of objects and accessories for well-being, meditation, massage and relaxation.

Discover our massage and self-massage accessories for the feet, hands, back, head, fingers, to relax your muscular tension, improve your circulation and your health easily and anywhere!

Our Tibetan bowls produce a ve...

Your wellness shop Arasia offers a wide range of objects and accessories for well-being, meditation, massage and relaxation.

Discover our massage and self-massage accessories for the feet, hands, back, head, fingers, to relax your muscular tension, improve your circulation and your health easily and anywhere!

Our Tibetan bowls produce a very pure sound and are perfect for your meditation sessions.

Our minerals will make you enjoy all their astonishing virtues on the body and the mind.

Our AUROSHIKHA ethical incenses are 100% natural and guaranteed non-toxic, in addition to being of excellent quality.

In terms of decoration, we offer you curtains, lamps, wooden boxes, Thai triangles cushions, and the wordly famous Thai pants with their great comfort! All these products are decorative, pleasant to use and they will act positively on your good mood, your well-being and your general health!

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  • fingerzen YIN

    Finger massage rings are also called acupuncture rings or sujok rings. Popular among Chinese, the inventors of acupuncture, their daily use brings well-being by the relaxation of meridians.

    3,00 €
    • large tibetan bowl

      The large Tibetan bowl is about 14 cm in diameter and weighs about 600 g. The stick is about 18 cm long. This large Tibetan bowl handmade in India with a 7-metal alloy comes with its wooden and red-felt stick.

      102,00 €
    • pink quartz
      Reduced price!
      pink quartz

      Pink quartz is the stone of universal love. It brings sweetness and heals heart pains (very useful for young children). Slide it under the pillow for a restful sleep. Pink quartz supports self-fulfillment. This stone is excellent for boosting your creativity!

      3,40 € 4,00 € -15%
    • Purity Jasmine Incense

      Jasmine incense is said to be excellent for meditation. It will thus bring you inner peace. Jasmine is a plant with fine green or variegated leaves, which grows in bushes. Its flowers are usually white, but can also be pink or yellow.

      2,50 €
    • YANG finger massager

      The YANG massage ring is thighter than the YIN ring and is suitable for the morning to stimulate your fingers. It is particularly suitable for people with fine fingers, or people who are using regularly massage rings and who seek a stronger effect.

      3,00 €
      • medium tibetan bowl

        The medium Tibetan bowl measures approximately 13 cm in diameter and weighs approximately 420 g. It comes with its wooden and red flet stick. Handmade in Benares, India, in traditional Tibetan bowls workshops from an alloy of 7 metals.

        88,00 €
      • chalcedony

        Blue agate or chalcedony is the speaker's stone. Keep it in your pocket when you speak in public. Reduce stage fright and help find the right words. It brings harmony, benevolence and generosity. Promotes new ideas and stimulates creation.

        4,00 €
      • Ginger Spice Incense

        Try Arasia's ginger incense with its oriental and spicy flavor. AUROSHIKHA natural ginger incense is ideal to create a warm and sensual atmosphere. Auroshikha incenses are in compliance with the IFRA (International Fragrance Association, Geneva, Switzerland) guidelines. They are guaranteed non-toxic

        2,50 €
      • Head Massager "zen-zen"

        Our head massager effectively stimulates millions of nerve endings in your head for a powerful sensation of chills that will relax you immediately.The zen-zen is a famous head massager that will get you in seconds an incredible feeling of well being and relaxation !

        8,00 €
        • small tibetan bowl
          Reduced price!
          small tibetan bowl

          The small tibetan bowl weighs about 360 g, its diameter is about 11 cm. It is handmade in Benares, India, of an alloy of 7 metals. The small Tibetan bowl comes with its wooden and red felt stick which permit to make the bowl "sing".

          68,40 € 76,00 € -10%
        • eye of tiger

          The tiger's eye is a protective stone and a talisman against any curse. The tiger's eye is an anti-stress stone, which facilitates studies and concentration. Usefull for children at school. Brings integrity and teaches to correctly use his power.

          4,00 €
        • Geranium Incense

          Discover the natural incense of geranium, with its flowery fragrance with sunny notes of geranium and bergamot.This incense has a comforting and harmonizing effect. It is well indicated to accompany your meditation sessions.

          2,50 €
        • Massage Strap

          The back massage strap is ideal for relieving pain and releasing muscle tension. Very easy to use, it can be used for massage the back, the neck, the glutes, the back of the thighs and the calves ... You can reach all the zones of the back of your body quickly and without effort.

          15,00 €
        • very small tibetan bowl

          The very small Tibetan bowl weighs about 280 g and its diameter is about 10 cm. It is made in India, in Varanasi, and comes with its wooden and red felt stick. It consists of an alloy of 7 metals, each corresponding to a planet in the solar system.

          62,00 €
        • amethyst
          Reduced price!

          The amethyst is the stone of wisdom that brings humility and balance. Purify the thoughts. It is a help for meditation and concentration. Stimulate the third eye and dissipates the negative.

          3,40 € 4,00 € -15%
        • Frangipani Incense
          Reduced price!
          Frangipani Incense

          Frangipani is a pretty flower,  very common in tropical countries, which is nicely called "flower of temples", because it is often found near temples and other sacred places. The frangipani incense is excellent for meditation, it is also called "psychological perfection." 

          2,13 € 2,50 € -15%
        • automassage supple stem

          With this autoclave for the back you will be able to massage your own back in depth, and to control the pressure as you wish. It makes it easy to reach all the points of the back, without raising the arms.

          25,00 €
        • tibetan bowl
          Reduced price!
          tibetan bowl

          This Tibetan bowl with a diameter of approximately 15.5 cm and a weight of approximately 900 g comes with its wooden stick that can "sing" the bowl by rubbing its outer edge. The Tibetan bowl is used for meditation, yoga or purification.

          89,60 € 112,00 € -20%
        • red jasper
          Reduced price!
          red jasper

          Red jasper brings calm, serenity, determination and balance. It is connected to the root chakra and the Earth. Its beautiful intense red color brings vitality and creativity. It is also excellent for blood circulation.

          3,40 € 4,00 € -15%
        • Neroli Incense

          Orange blossom (also called neroli) exudes a sensual note, heady white flowers and sweet. This natural incense will pleasantly perfume your home ! This is a beautiful fragrance of orange flower.

          2,50 €
        • automassage tough stem
          Reduced price!
          automassage tough stem

          This automassage tough stem allows you to massage your back, and meter the pressure as desired. It allows to reach all points of the back, easily and without raising arms.

          22,00 € 25,00 € -12%
        • aventurine

          Aventurine is a stone of introspection, which allows us to look inward and discover the different facets of our being. It brings patience and perseverance. It is a very useful positive stone for progress and for decision making. Aventurine attracts prosperity and well-being.

          4,00 €
          • Lemongrass Incense

            The natural smell of lemongrass is created using a blend of lemon and orange oils with lemongrass.  Pleasant citrus smell of freshly cut grass, repels mosquitoes and invigorating effect on the mind

            2,50 €
          • foot massage roller

            This foot massager is with big spikes for better stimulation of your feet reflexology points. Place the tablet on the floor, sit down in a chair,or a sofa and take off your shoes. Then put your feet on the tablet and roll them back and forth.Results: Deep relaxation and improving overall health through reflexology!

            28,00 €
          • tibetan bowl carpet

            This beautiful carpet to put your Tibetan bowl when you do not use it is available in yellow or red. It is decorated with Chinese motifs and sacred animals such as dragons, roosters and phoenixes. Its diameter is about 12 cm.

            9,00 €
            • falcon's eye

              The falcon's eye brings abundance and prosperity, and develops the faculties of communication, courage and inner strength. The falcon's eye cures eyesight and increases life expectancy. This stone is excellent for shops and therapists.

              4,00 €
            • Fresh Lemon Incense

              Find with this incense the refreshing and energizing smell of tangy lemon. The natural incense of lemon strengthens the immune defenses, it brings tone and vitality! Excellent for concentration, and stimulates the nervous system. 

              2,50 €
            • Light Thaï Shirt

              This unisex shirt in lightweight cotton is declined in many colors : blue, green, brown, chocolate, burgundy ... This shirt is lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

              20,00 €
              • Car Shaped Massager

                This small wooden massage accessory for the thighs, calves, arms, back and belly, is car-shaped with its 4 ribbed wheels .

                10,00 €
              • tibetan bowl donut

                The donuts for Tibetan bowl in red and gold colors measure between 9 and 10 cm in diameter. You can use it to put your Tibetan bowl when you're not using it! Very decorative!

                9,00 €
              • yellow calcite

                Yellow calcite is an excellent energy amplifier. Increase self confidence, motivation and purify thoughts. It helps develop extrasensory gifts and facilitates astral travel.

                4,00 €
              • Honeysuckle Incense

                The sweet fragrance of honeysuckle blossom is created by blending essential oils of orange and geranium. Honeysuckle brings good luck in business.

                2,50 €
              • Fisherman pants

                One size fits all ! Standard size fisherman pants for adult. In thick cotton. Many colors are available. There is a pocket on the side. hereIf you are tall (more than 1m75), choose size XLThis is the original Thai - Wrap around pants, very comfortable yoga trousers or for pregnancy.

                22,00 €
                • Zencube

                  This wooden hand massage accessory with its 6 round corners is effective for relieving tensions accumulated (from working front of the computer for a long time, for example).  Place the instrument between your hands and perform wrist rotations, roll and rotate it in your hands ...   

                  8,00 €
                • tibetan tingsa

                  This pair of Tibetan cymbals (also called tingsa) are made in bronze.Connected by a leather corddiameter: 65cm 

                  48,00 €
                • jade of the transvaal

                  Transvaal jade is a green jade from South Africa. It is a stone of protection. The virtues it brings are purity, serenity, wisdom ... It is a stone of luck and friendship. Promotes honesty and justice. Jade is the stone of infinity, which brings compassion and forgiveness to oneself and others.

                  4,00 €
                • Cedar Incense

                  Cedar incense regulates the energies, strengthens the self-confidence and stimulates the 3rd eye. He is an excellent purifier, and he prompt equilibrium, calm and prayer.The woody, refreshing fragrance is composed of essential oils of cedar and petitgrain.

                  2,50 €
                • Thaï Triangular Cushion

                  The Thai triangle cushion is a nice decorative object, with its original triangle shape and Thai patterns and embroidery. Perfect for an aperitif with friends around a coffee table!

                  64,00 €
                  • face roller
                    Reduced price!
                    face roller

                    This face massager invigorates and tones facial skin, preserves its elasticity and helps prevent wrinkles. Roll the face massager on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Avoid the eye and contour. 

                    10,80 € 12,00 € -10%
                  • extra large tibetan bowl

                    The very large Tibetan bowl is about 20 cm in diameter and weighs about 1100 g. Handmade, in India, in traditional workshops of Tibetan bowls.It is sold with its wooden stick and red felt and is made of an alloy of 7 metals.Its sound is serious and powerful, and the vibrations are powerful.

                    188,00 €
                  • Unakite

                    Unakite is an anchorage stone that helps overcome blockages. It allows to relativize any situation and take a step back. Excellent to relieve the feeling of jealousy and egos too stormy.

                    4,00 €
                  • Cinnamon Incense

                    Natural cinnamon incense promotes good mood and develops creativity it also promotes fulfillment and joy. Ideal to create  a warm atmosphere in 2 minutes !

                    2,50 €
                  • Massage Stick

                    The wooden reflexology stick is the perfect accessory for the foot reflexology massage. The massage stick removes blockages and improves the flow of energy through the body.

                    8,00 €
                  • sodalite

                    Sodalite brings spiritual awakening, self-understanding, from others and the world, mental flexibility, as well as mastery of one's destiny. It stimulates logical thinking and intuition, and is excellent for the brain and the third eye. It helps to make the right decisions in life.

                    4,00 €
                  • Radha's Devotion Incense

                    Radaha’s Devotion  or Oriental Bouquet is a warm and spicy oriental blend containing essential oils of patchouli, cistus and citronella .

                    2,50 €
                  • Mortar + Pestle

                    Our mortars are made of very solid wood and are supplied with their mortar hand. They are suitable for food use. Very pretty also in home decoration. 2 sizes are available.

                    12,90 €
                  • cross of massage

                    Use this massage accessory to apply pressure to different parts of the body. Very good grip.

                    8,00 €
                  • landscape jasper

                    The landscape jasper helps the human being to look at himself, and over his life course. This stone stimulates the imagination and is excellent for travelers. Evolution, maturity, mutual help.

                    4,00 €