Amazonite is a soothing stone that brings tenderness, joy and sincerity. It helps to clarify emotions and express deep feelings. It develops the feeling of freedom as well as the communication and can be useful for couples.

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It is said to treat depression and osteoarthritis. Balances yin and yang, and can revive old memories. Placed under the pillow, amazonite improves the quality of sleep.

This stone takes its name from the great sacred river of the Amazon, because it was discovered there. For Native Americans, amazonite represents Estsanatlehi, the goddess of the seasons.

Amazonite tumbled stones, approximately 2 cm in size. Each stone is unique and chosen by us.

The amazonite has to be purified in spring water and recharged at the moonlight, or in a geod of quartz or amethyst.


Materialnatural stone

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