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Thai Skirts

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The Thai skirt, or wrap skirt, is the skirt version of the famous Thai pants.

Elegant and Original

It is a very wide straight-cut skirt, which is fastened in the same way as Thai pants. The belt folds over the skirt, revealing beautiful embroidery in gorgeous bright colors and intricate patterns.


One size, and comfortable, it adapts to your morphology by folding. It is also suitable for pregnant women, being able to accompany you throughout your pregnancy.

It can be used for informal occasions, such as a family lunch, a trip to the market, or more formal, such as a wedding, but also for your well-being activities, such as meditation and relaxation.

Different Models and Fabrics

We propose you :

- the long Thai skirt (up to the ankles),

- the medium-length (knee-length) Thai skirt,

- Or the short Thai skirt (or mini Thai skirt), which can be worn as is, to go to the beach or the pool, for example, or over leggings or pants, for a more elaborate outfit.

Arasia Thai skirts are available in two textile materials: thick cotton (which can be plain or striped and patterned) and rayon (a smooth, flowing fabric also called artificial silk).

Each model of Thai skirt is offered to you and is available in various colors, choose yours!

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Reference: JT03-21

Brand: Arasia

Mid-length striped skirt

The mid-length Thai skirt is adorned with a belt with typical Thai elaborate patterns. It is handmade from a beautiful 100% thick cotton striped fabric. It is "mid-length" because it arrives below the knee. It has an original and practical side. You can wear it in summer when it's hot, or in mid-season, or in winter with boots over leggings or tights.

Price €26.90
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Reference: JT04-09

Brand: Arasia

Mini Wrap Thai Skirt

This short Thai skirt is ideal in summer, but it can also be worn over leggings or pants, in any season. It is made of traditional 100% thick cotton fabric of very good quality, and its pretty belt is embroidered with typical Thai patterns. It is one size and adapts to all morphologies by folding (maximum waist circumference 150 cm).

Price €22.90
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Reference: JT06-09

Brand: Arasia

Thai Rayon Short Skirt

This short Thai skirt is made of rayon, a fine, light and flexible fabric, and very comfortable to wear. Rayon is also called artificial silk because of its slightly shiny, soft and silky appearance. The Arasia short Thai skirt in rayon arrives above the knee. Practical and comfortable, it is ideal to wear on hot summer days, or in mid-season or in winter over leggings for example.

Price €20.90
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