How to put on Thai pants?

Follow our instructions in pictures to put on your Thai pants.

For the Thai skirt, or the Thai cropped trousers, the process is identical.

comment mettre son pantalon thaïlandais.

1: To start on the right side, tuck into the Thai pants, with the belts from behind. Center the Thai pants tightly with the waistbands positioned down the center of your back.

2: Fold the pants on the right side, and hold the fabric with your hand on the right side of the belly.

3: Then fold your right hand to the left passing over the other hand.

4: Grab the belts behind and tie the front, tight enough for the Thai pants to fit well.


5: Fold the top of the pants over the belt.

Thai pants demonstration on video

Thai skirt demonstration on video

At first, putting on your Thai pants correctly may seem a bit complicated, do it in front of your mirror. You will quickly learn to put it on and adjust it in 2 steps, 3 movements!

You will be pleasantly surprised by its quality and comfort, as well as by the great freedom of movement it will give you!

The Thai pants are adjustable in height and width, they are unisex. Also exists for children, and size XL (20 cm longer)

It's not easy the first time to tie your Thai pants, but once you understand the technique, you'll tie them in no time!

Now all you have to do is choose from all the models and colors we offer!

How are our Thai pants made?

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