Our ethical and ecological 10-point charter


1 - Our products are manufactured in Thailand, Nepal, India and Bali by small firms employing only adults. They are conscious of manufacturing processes , ethics , and of course the quality of products. Our items are purchased directly from the producer at a fair price , and we are pleased to offer them at a price because there is no other intermediaries between the manufacturer and the final consumer. The purchase price is set by the manufacturer , and we do not play competition to bring prices down because we want to allow them to live in decent conditions. We have visited their workshops to ensure working conditions , the cleanliness of the premises, and the absence of children working there. We have with these small businesses close contacts , and through regular orders , we provide them with a sustainable income . 


2 - We favorize suppliers who have adopted an ethical and ecological charter and distribute products from socially and environmentally responsible companies such as Auroshikha, which was founded in India in 1973 with the primary objective to provide good work to villagers surroundings. Auroshikha was a pioneer in this field and many other organizations now follow his example . 


3 - Transportation of goods between Thailand and France is by boat . This conveyance is 300 times greener than flying. To give you an idea , here are some figures : a tonne of goods transported over one kilometer consumes 1000g oil if transport is by air , 400g by utility truck , barge river 80g , 11g by freight train vehicle and 3g only by motorized boat. 


4 - For essential travel , we prefer when possible cycling and walking, or public transport . 


5 - In our premises and our daily work , we have implemented the following measures : energy saving bulbs , reducing our travel, telecommuting, items generally unconditioned , biodegradable cleaning products and non-polluting , recycled materials and / or recyclable whenever possible , restriction and sorting of waste , reuse of materials ...

6 - We offer natural and ecological products, and we inform you on their use.


7 - We have chosen for hosting of this website OVH because this company stands out from its competitors with an ethical approach . The Arasia website is hosted on a green server: reduction of CO2 emissions , clean energy, recycling of computer waste , ... etc. . 


8 - Arasia is proud to be part of the network SOL Violette , a local currency, who promotes ethical exchanges and solidarity in the region of Toulouse, France. 


9 - Arasia donates part of its profits to organizations working for the protection of our environment. We have chosen to support Sumatran Orangoutans Society, an association for the protection of orangutans to replant trees in Sumatra (Indonesia). This action of reforestation is actively involved in the conservation of many plant and animal species endangered ( Gibbons and siamang , long-tailed macaques , Loris , elephants , rhinoceros , tigers, wild boars , various remarkable species of flora such as parasite titan arum , and the largest flower in the world , the Rafflesia) .

Learn more about orangoutans and our action of reforestation . 

ARASIA already have sponsored the planting of 2080 trees

10 - Arasia regularly encourages all its employees, customers , suppliers and partners to raise awareness of ecology , and sustainable development to protect our environment .

The planet's resources are limited, and we must all mobilize and seek to reduce our environmental impact, with often simple and economic measures.

According to a study by the Federation of sale distance ( FEVAD) a purchase via internet generates nearly four times less greenhouse gas greenhouse a classic in-store purchase .

Buying on the internet is an ecological act !


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