What is a sol violette ?

The sol violette is a local and ethic currency in Toulouse and surrenders.

The sol violette gives meaning to the economic exchanges and forges links between the actors of the solidarity economy .

In practice, 1 euro = 1 sol.

You must be a member of the association sol violette

You can convert your euros in sols in two banks of Toulouse , Credit Cooperative ( 6 rue Raymond IV) and Crédit Municipal ( 29 rue des lois) .

You can then use your sols in more than 150 shops, services and cultural places Toulouse.

 Sol -Violette give our trade more political consciousness. Sol invites us to question our behavior : production, consumption, sale and purchase , exchange ... Through it we express our willingness to act in favor of a world more respectful of women , men and nature , a world in which everyone has a place , a world of justice, solidarity, freedom, brotherhood.

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