The massage ring is a small wellness accessory, very easy to use and carry everywhere. It is also a gift idea with which you will not fail to please those around you!

Arasia offers 2 kinds of massage rings:

The YIN ring

bague massage YIN - Arasia-Shop

In general, this is the one you should choose when buying a massage ring for the first time (unless you have very thin fingers, in which case you can opt for the YANG ring directly).

The YIN ring is less tight and more flexible than the YANG ring. Its use is more pleasant. Its effect is more relaxing for the fingers.

It is indicated for the evening, with a relaxing effect on the body.

The YANG ring

bague massage YANG - ARASIA-SHOP

It is smaller, tighter, but more rounded than the YIN ring. It is suitable for people with thin fingers, as well as for people who are used to massaging their fingers with a massage ring, and who wish to vary the pleasures. Its effect is more stimulating for the body.


It is advisable to use the YIN ring in the evening, for a relaxing effect, and the YANG ring in the morning, for a stimulating effect.

How long and how often to use the massage ring?

You can use it whenever you feel like it or need it. But it is advisable to massage your fingers 1 to 2 minutes 1 to 2 times a day.

On which finger (s) to use it?

The best method is to massage all the fingers, starting with the left thumb (heart side) and ending with the right thumb. Thus chi, the vital energy according to Chinese tradition will be activated in your body.

Be careful not to keep the ring around a finger as this cuts off blood circulation. You have to slide it along your fingers and then remove it until the next use. The color of the ring is of no particular importance. The other name of the massage ring is the sujok ring.

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The thumb is connected to the stomach. The associated emotion is anxiety (and the Earth).
The index finger is connected to the lungs, the large intestine and the respiratory system. The associated emotions are sadness grief and depression (Metal Element).
The middle finger is connected to the heart, the small intestine, and the circulatory system. The associated emotions are impatience and precipitation. (Element Fire).
The ring finger is connected to the liver, the gallbladder and the nervous system. The emotion associated with it is anger. (Element Wood).
The little finger is connected to the kidneys. The associated emotion is fear. (Water Element).
The massage ring (or acupuncture ring) is one of the best ways to get rid of your daily fatigue and stimulate the neural system. The extremities of the body are very important.

YIN massage rings are less tight than YANG rings. They are indicated for the evening, and for the relaxation.

YANG massage rings are smaller and tighter

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