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One finger after the other, making it slide up and down the finger. It will quickly brings you a great relaxation.

YIN massage rings are less tight than YANG rings. They are indicated for the relaxation.

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fingerzen YIN

The thumb is connected to the stomach. The associated emotion is anxiety (and the Earth).
The index finger is connected to the lungs, the large intestine and the respiratory system. The associated emotions are sadness grief and depression (Metal Element).
The middle finger is connected to the heart, the small intestine, and the circulatory system. The associated emotions are impatience and precipitation. (Element Fire).
The ring finger is connected to the liver, the gallbladder and the nervous system. The emotion associated with it is anger. (Element Wood).
The little finger is connected to the kidneys. The associated emotion is fear. (Water Element).
The massage ring (or acupuncture ring) is one of the best ways to get rid of your daily fatigue and stimulate the neural system. The extremities of the body are very important.

         - Prevents arthritis and osteoarthritis
         - activates traffic
         - stimulates the meridians



Do good to your fingers by massaging them regularly with our massage rings: simply slide the ring on each finger for a few minutes, one or more times a day.

YIN massage rings are less tight than YANG rings. They are indicated for the evening, and for the relaxation.


The massage rings are also called sujok ring. Popular among Chinese inventors of acupuncture, its daily use brings well-being by relaxing the meridians.


Pass the ring on each finger, one after the other, starting with the left thumb and ending with the right thumb.

Move forward and backward for a few minutes, then remove the ring (do not hold your finger). It can also be used on the toes.


Use only on the fingers and toes, do not keep the ring around the finger after using it.


- prevents arthritis and osteoarthritis

- Turn on traffic

- Stimulates the flow of energy in the meridians

- relaxes your fingers

YANG massage rings are smaller and tight


How to choose a massage ring? How to use it?

The benefits of self-massage


Materialstainless steel
Use forFingers

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