Use the puffs of INCENSE smoke to quickly create an ambiance to suit your mood!

The past of incense is prestigious: there was a time when this precious resin attracted all desires!

The famous incense route between India and Egypt in the 2nd millennium BC, passed through Petra, Damascus, Alexandria ....

Arasia takes you on an olfactory journey to discover our 35 mysterious, aromatic, subtle, intense, sweet, gourmet or joyful incense scents!

If you like flowery incense, let yourself be seduced by the sweet creamy scent of white flowers such as jasmine, tuberose, and patchouli, or by the mellow and heady notes of rose, geranium, or orchid.

The marine, fresh and invigorating scents of the lotus are energizing and purifying.

The fruity incense as well as the cinnamon incense have the effect of opening the appetite while pleasantly scenting the house.

Green and woody incense (sandalwood, cedar, pine, eucalyptus ...) diffuse their fresh and delicate scents, which are at the same time purifying, soothing and energizing.

From the sweetness of cinnamon to the power of ginger, spicy incenses offer all their nuances of warm and intense scents.

The incense with oriental notes such as oriental bouquet, myrrh, musk, saffron sandal ... will evoke you through their curls of smoke the hot and mysterious countries, and the sensuality of the East ... totally bewitching!

The Powers of Incense

Incense is used to deodorize and pleasantly scent the air in houses. They have the power to create an atmosphere of well-being, conducive to relaxation. Their plumes of smoke awaken the senses and uplift the mind when practicing meditation.

SANDALWOOD incense is known to purify the air, it is good for relaxation and meditation, and is a mild aphrodisiac.

CINNAMON incense relaxes and stimulates the appetite, perfect before going to the table!

CEDAR incense or GERANIUM incense are ideal for a meditation session.

JASMINE incense is excellent for meditation, and it brings inner peace.

Use LAVENDER incense for relaxation, and to eliminate negative vibrations.

MYRRH incense promotes blood circulation, helps with thinking, and purifies the air.

COCONUT incense promotes concentration.

OLIBAN incense purifies the house, and it is perfect for meditation.

PATCHOULI incense will give you peace and relaxation.

ROSE incense attracts prosperity!

VANILLA incense stimulates the body and the mind. It improves receptivity and relationships with those around you.

Incense, instructions for use

Light the end of the incense stick and let it ignite for 2 to 3 seconds, then blow gently to extinguish the flame, combustion begins ...

Place the stick on an incense burner, ventilate the room.

Our incenses are all 100% fair trade, natural and guaranteed without toxic substances, they are made by Auroshikha.


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