Set of 5 Massage Rings YIN
  • Set of 5 Massage Rings YIN

Set of 5 Massage Rings


The massage ring is an effective and easy-to-use wellness accessory. It is also an original gift idea to please those around you!


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This set includes 5 finger massage rings of different colors, Yin or Yang, or mix of the 2.

Arasia offers 2 kinds of massage rings:

The YIN massage ring is more flexible and relaxing.

The YANG massage ring is tighter and more stimulating.

How to choose your massage ring, and how to use it?

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big hand massager

This massage accessory is to be held between the hands and rolled over each palms. The small balls massaging the hand will stimulate the points of reflexology. The use of this instrument stimulates intellect and concentration, as well as the circulation of blood and energy.

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Obsidian Snow

This beautiful original stone absorbs negative energies thanks to its black side, while white side projects positive potentials.

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Eagle Eye Bracelet

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Ganesh Notebook

These beautiful notebooks are handmade in India with leather and recycled paper. Ganesh's decoration is metal. They can be used as a travel diary, guest book, diary, to record dreams ... Very good quality and 2 sizes available, with a cord to mark the page or keep the notebook closed

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Children Harem Pants

Children love harem pants because they are Aladdin's pants! The Arasia children's harem pants are made of very good quality thick cotton. It is unisex and suitable for both girls and boys. The children's harem pants are one size, simply choose the most suitable age group. It is without elastic, neither at the waist, nor at the ankles.

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Yellow Calcite

Yellow calcite is an excellent energy amplifier. Increase self confidence, motivation and purify thoughts. It helps develop extrasensory gifts and facilitates astral travel.

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Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

This bracelet is made of 8 mm lapis lazuli beads. Lapis Lazuli is a stone of truth and friendship. It improves the skills of expression, memory, strengthens loyalty and removes negative energies.

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Hematite Bracelet

This bracelet is made of 6 mm diameter hematite beads. Hematite is a stone of anchoring, calm, concentration and communication. It brings strength and increases self-confidence. It is excellent for shy people. It will bring you harmony in your life and in your relationships with others. Hematite purifies the blood and helps the absorption of iron.

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Glasses With Holes

STENOPE glasses rehabilitate the eye to work naturally, relieve migraines and maintain vision. Use them a few minutes a day to reduce your eyestrain and bring you general well-being!

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