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Plant a Tree


Arasia propose, in partnership with Mass-Education, to plant one or more trees in the Sundarbans, a magnificent Indian region listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

1024 trees have already been planted by Arasia in this region since 2015.

This action sensitizes the local population to the challenges of the tree and the forest, and makes them an actor of its own development.



  Take part in our reforestation action

1 euro = 1 tree


Support our reforestation action in India!


You can give a tree, or more, to a person of your choice! The recipient of the gift will receive a personalized message and a planting certificate.

The mangrove of Sundarbans is a vast area of 140,000 hectares and a unique habitat for many plant and animal species. Its most emblematic animal is the beautiful bengal tiger, unfortunately threatened by extinction. At present time there are less than 3000 specimens in the wild in India.


The mangrove is a natural barrier to erosion and protects the coastline by helping to regain ground on the sea, it is a unique phenomenon, because everywhere else the sea levels are rising as a direct result of global warming and the melting of glaciers.

The mangrove acts as a buffer between the sea and the land and limits the consequences of bad weather.

Mangrove protects the 5 million inhabitants of the Sundarbans in case of storms, cyclones or tsunamis.

Trees absorb CO2 and thus are directly involved in the fight against global warming.

The mangrove is also the first source of economic development for coastal populations: fish, fruit, wood, honey...

With Arasia and Mass-Education, plant a seed of hope for future generations!

Degradation of forest resources impacts people struggling to meet their basic needs.

Many of the people in this region live below the poverty line, and 85% depend on agriculture for survival. Aquaculture, honey harvesting, timber production are the main other local activities.

Help us to reforest this region located at the foot of the Himalayas in the Ganges delta, by planting mangroves, coconut palms, sapods, eucalyptus, guava trees, mango trees, teaks ...

Planted trees provide fruit, heating and construction wood, help restore soil and curb land salinization ...
Planted trees are monitored during the first two years by Mass Education .

Mass-Education makes villagers and schoolchildren aware of the importance of protecting nature so that they become the first defenders. The villagers manage the nurseries, plant trees and benefit from the fruits of their labor.

Mass-Education is a 40 year old association who strikes against poverty by educating people.

" Human beings are the only species that have the power to destroy nature , but also the duty to protect it , we only have one planet, it is our future "

"A tiger without forest will be killed, a forest without tiger will be cut:
so the tiger protects the forest and the forest saves the tiger. "

(Mahâbhârata, V, 29)

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