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Plant a Tree

Arasia propose, in partnership with Mass-Education, to plant one or more trees in the Sundarbans, a magnificent Indian region listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 1024 trees have already been planted by Arasia in this region since 2015. This action sensitizes the local population to the challenges of the tree and the forest, and makes them an actor of its own development.  

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Seed of Life Earrings
  • Seed of Life Earrings
  • Sacred Geometry

Seed of Life Earrings


These beautiful alpaca (zinc alloy) earrings represent the seed of life, which is a flower of life in process.

They are approximately 4 cm tall.


  Take part in our reforestation action

1 euro = 1 tree


The Seed of Life is formed by the first circle (which represents the cell = unity of life, as well as consciousness), itself surrounded by 6 circles.

The first circle represents the day of creation, and the seed of life contains a total of 7 circles. 7 being a figure of great symbolism (example 7 chakras, 7 days of the week, 7 musical notes ... etc)

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4 cm
zinc alloy
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Reference: MAV

Mobile Tree of Life

This mobile tree of life in patinated brass is approximately 42 cm high. It is decorated with colored pearls and 3 bells. The whole has an aged effect. Ideal to hang on the wall or ceiling, inside or outside the house.

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7 Chakras Earrings

These pretty earrings are made of pearls and natural stones each corresponding to one of the 7 main chakras.

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Labradorite Earrings

This pretty pair of earrings is made of zinc alloy and labradorite. They will bring you spiritual elevation, harmony, balance and protection.

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Earrings Mango

Those nice and colorful earrings are made of mango wood in the north of Thaïland. There also are cotton thread and small beads. Hand made and fair trade.

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Earrings Mango Wood

These beautiful earrings made of mango wood, cotton threads and small wooden beads are handmade in northern Thailand. They are very light weight. Fair Trade.  

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Simple Earrings

Nice simple round earrings in natural stone, stone diameter 10 mm. Many varieties of stone. They are sold in pairs. Zinc Alloy Clasp

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Buddha Earrings

These beautiful brass earrings represent heads of Thai Buddha, the historical Buddha. The head of Buddha is the symbol of balance and harmony. Closed eyes symbolize deep meditation and long ears symbolize attentive listening.

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Tiger Eye Earrings

These pretty earrings are made of zinc alloy, with 3 tiger eye beads. The tiger eye is a protective stone with anti-stress properties.

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Indian Earrings

Beautiful Indian earrings, elongated shape. Nice color coppery and elegant details. About 5 cm high.

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