ImmerGe yourself in a universe of beneficial aromas with natural incenses and essential oils with Auroshikha's high quality products...!


Auroshikha society is an ethical and ecological business founded in 1973 in Auroville in the south of India. Its main activity is the manufacture of 100% natural incenses, as well as essential oils, soaps, and floral waters which are guaranteed to be free of any toxic substance, and all from the finest natural ingredients.


The "City of Dawn" is an experimental utopian city that aims to be a place of a universal community life, where men and women learn to live in peace and harmony, above all nationalities, religious or political creeds.


No child under 15 may work in the workshops of this enterprise.
All workers, including a majority of women receive free health care for them and their families  and receive retirement pension.
Workplaces are safe, fresh and ventilated.
Employees are recruited from villages around Auroville and Pondicherry.
Auroshikha has an effect on improving the local people's standard of living while preserving its traditional culture.
The profits allowed the creation and maintenance of UDAVI school, providing education of the highest quality.


All fragrances used in the manufacture of Auroshikha products comply with IFRA Standards, a Switzerland-based organization that monitors the safety of fragrances.Click here to access the website of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) (International Fragrance Association, Geneva, Switzerland).
The high quality of Auroshikha's products is recognized worldwide. All products are handmade and the ingredients used are natural and environmentally friendly.
Auroshikha takes great care in the selection of raw materials, production monitoring, as well as storage conditions and packaging of its products, which are widely distributed in India, but also exported to more than 26 countries (Europe, America, Australia, Japan ...)
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The greatest care is taken to select the best raw ingredients to ensure a high quality product.
The incense is made from a paste of powdered dried flower petals, fragrant herbs and woods, spices, resins, mixed with charcoal (for combustion) and natural essential oils . The ingredients are mixed with water to form a paste. The dough is then hand rolled around a bamboo stick and left to dry.

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