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Harem Pants


These unisex harem pants, standard size for adults, are made of very good quality thick cotton. It attaches on the side with the integrated belt that allows to adapt the harem pants to your waist. 10 colors available.

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Arasia harem pants are suitable for both men and women.

They are made of thick cotton, without elastic, neither at the waist nor at the ankles.

These harem pants are one size fits all (36 to 44).

Arasia harem pants are available in a wide range of colors to suit your tastes and moods!

This item is fair trade with Thai artisans.


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taille 44cm (peut s'ouvrir d'avantage sur 30cm grâce à une fente sur le côté)
Thick Cotton
98 cm environ
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Children love harem pants because they are Aladdin's pants! The Arasia children's harem pants are made of very good quality thick cotton. It is unisex and suitable for both girls and boys. The children's harem pants are one size, simply choose the most suitable age group. It is without elastic, neither at the waist, nor at the ankles.

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