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Reference: ARB-01

Plant a Tree

Arasia invites you to participate in the 1€ = 1 tree operation, which was launched in 2010. You can plant a tree, or several, in partnership with Arasia and the environmental protection associations that we select. Currently, in partnership with Planète Urgence, we are planting trees in Peru (Amazonia), and Indonesia. 2080 trees have already been planted by Arasia and its customers since 2010, an average of 160 trees per year. The projects we select raise local populations' awareness of tree and forest issues, and the population becomes an actor in its own development, in harmony with nature.

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Reference: PT01-15

Fisherman Pants

Thai pants are an essential item of clothing in the wellness world, yoga classes, martial arts, massage parlors, spas... They are one size, unisex, casual, original and comfortable. These thick cotton Thai pants are of very good quality. Its wide cut adapts to your waistline with a set of folds. There is a pocket on one side.

Reference: M-BYi-Or

Fingerzen YIN

The massage ring is a very effective little accessory to improve well-being. Use it regularly to help prevent or relieve arthritis and osteoarthritis, stimulate circulation and activate the meridians, those energy lines that run through our body according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). According to this ancient and holistic medicine, each finger corresponds to one or more organs and one or more emotions (see diagram).

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Reference: PTXL-Cr

XL Fisherman Pants

The Thai XL pants are 20 cm longer than the standard model (with the same width) and are suitable for very tall individuals (starting from 1.75 meters). Their waist size is adjustable and can be customized to fit your body through a series of folds. Unisex, stylish, and comfortable, they are made of high-quality thick cotton. There is a pocket on one side.

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Blue Parchment Buddha
  • Parchment Buddha Red
  • Parchment Buddha

Parchment Buddha


This wall decoration comes to us from Thailand and represents the head of Siddharta Gautama, the historical Buddha, who lived in the 6th century BC. This decoration to hang on the wall is light and easily transportable, because it rolls up and unrolls like a parchment. It has a small rope at the back which makes it easy to attach to a nail for example.


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Thai Scroll Buddha Wall Decor

This "scroll" wall decoration comes to us from Thailand and represents a Buddha's head. There is a small string behind that allows you to attach it to a nail.

Height: 60cm

Width: 35cm

This item comes from fair trade with our friends the Thai artisans.

Buddhism is the predominant religion in Thailand, with more than 90% of the population identifying as Buddhist. Thai Buddhism is influenced by the Theravada tradition, which emphasizes the importance of personal spiritual practice, meditation, and good moral conduct.

Buddhist temples, known as "wats", are an important part of Thai culture. They are found in every city and town. The monks, who are highly respected in Thai society, live and study in the temples. They receive overwhelming support from the local community through donations of food, money, and other offerings.

Many Thais incorporate Buddhist practices into their daily lives, such as making offerings at the temple or meditating daily.

Buddhist holidays, such as Vesak (the Buddha's birthday), Asalha Puja (the day of the Buddha's first sermon), and Magha Puja (a day to commemorate the Buddha's teachings), are also widely celebrated in Thailand.

Buddhism plays a very important role in Thai culture and society, and it is common to see Buddhist symbols in the decorative elements of homes, hotels and restaurants in the country.

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60 cm
35 cm
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Reference: EN-35

Surya Rose Incense

The rose has always been considered a symbol of beauty and elegance. Auroshikha natural rose incense will add a touch of sophistication to your surroundings. It has the power to intensify positive feelings such as love and friendship. Let yourself be intoxicated by its sweet, penetrating, and voluptuous floral bouquet fragrance!

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Reference: STBP

Prayer Buddha

This very pretty soapstone Buddha measures 8 cm in height. Buddha is here seated in the lotus position, his 2 hands joined in prayer at the level of the heart chakra, performing Atmanjali Mudra. This mudra is widely used in Asia to greet, ask for something, thank, or take leave. It brings peace and love, and leads back to the path of the heart. In India, it is called Namaste, which literally means "I salute the light within you".

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Reference: PR-28

Pink Quartz

Rose quartz is the stone of universal love. It brings sweetness, peace and harmony. It cures sorrows and heartaches, and can be very useful for young children who can use it as a comforter. Place rose quartz under the pillow for a peaceful and restful sleep. Rose quartz helps self-fulfillment and boosts creativity! It is also ideal for harmonious and complicit relationships in the couple, or between parents and children.

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Reference: TGMBB

Large Buddha Hanging

This large Indian wall hanging measures 2.40 m high by 2.20 m wide. It is in thick cotton with fringes. It depicts the historical Buddha in the lotus position, performing the gesture of fearlessness and protection (abhaya-mudrā) with his right hand. His left hand is at rest, palm turned towards the sky. The Buddha is seated under a banyan tree, whose falling leaves represent the passage of time.

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Reference: TPMBB

Buddha White Wall Hanging

This hanging is white and black, in thick cotton with fringes and measures approximately 2.20 m in height by 1.20 m in width. It represents Buddha meditating under the sacred fig tree, or "Bodhi tree". This tree is actually a banyan, very common around temples or pagodas in Asian countries. Buddha is seated in the lotus position, performing the mudra of fearlessness and protection (abhaya-mudrā) with his right hand.

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Reference: STBV

Black Resin Buddha

This black resin Buddha measures approximately 13 cm and weighs approximately 140 grams. Sitting in the lotus position, he performs with his right hand the gesture of taking the earth to witness, and his left hand holds a vajra, or dorje.

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Reference: STBCB

Chinese Buddha Bronze

This bronze Chinese Buddha (or Laughing Buddha) is a representation of Budai, a Chinese Zen Buddhist monk who lived during China's last Liang Dynasty, in the tenth century. Its Buddhist name, Quieci, means promise in Chinese. Statue Height : 14 cm.

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Reference: STBCR

Resin Chinese Buddha

This Chinese Laughing Buddha in green resin is 8 cm tall and comes from Nepal. It depicts Budai, a Buddhist monk who lived in 10th century China. Far from presenting the image of an ascetic life, the big Buddha is not the historical Buddha, who was rather slender. Budai statues are traditionally considered lucky charms. They are found in most Chinese homes as well as many Asian temples and restaurants. Budai symbolizes joy of life, abundance and wealth, both material and spiritual.

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Reference: BRA-PN-09

Pink Quartz Bracelet

This bracelet is made of natural rose quartz beads. Bead diameter 8mm. This rose quartz bracelet is ideal when you are in a relationship because it brings softness and tenderness. For singles, it is known to attract love! This bracelet will reassure you, it will bring you peace of mind and inspiration to lead a fulfilling life. Rose quartz is a comforting stone, which heals sorrows, promotes self-esteem and trust in others.

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Reference: TMBO

Buddha Wall Hanging

This small "Buddha Lotus" wall hanging is made of cotton and measures approximately 110 cm in height by 70 cm in width. It represents Siddhartha Gautama, the awakened Buddha, meditating in the center of a lotus flower. This hanging symbolizes the lightness of the lotus flower rising above the surface of the water, and the meditation of the Buddha, who rests like a butterfly on his lotus throne. He performs the chin mudra with his hands, and sends waves of love represented by hearts.

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Reference: BO-01

Buddha Earrings

These beautiful brass earrings represent heads of Thai Buddha, the historical Buddha. The head of Buddha is the symbol of balance and harmony. Closed eyes symbolize deep meditation and long ears symbolize attentive listening.

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Reference: AMU-01

Feng Shui Lucky Charm

This Feng Shui lucky charm should be hung on your front door. For one girl you will find the Yin Yang symbol in the center Yi King, and for another girl you will see the representations of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. There is also the infinity knot at the top and a red double pom pom at the bottom.

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Reference: DPFE

Felt Trivet Nepal

Felt ball crafting, also known as felt pom poms, is a craft technique using felted wool to create decorative balls. This quirky and colorful felt ball trivet measures approximately 22cm in diameter and is ethically traded with Nepalese artisans.

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Reference: MOTB

Buddha Head Mobile

This beautiful wall-mounted mobile of a copper-plated and patinated metal Buddha head represents the head of Siddhartha Gautama, the historical Buddha who founded Buddhism in India in the 6th century BCE. This wall-hanging mobile has a total length of approximately 40 cm. The dimensions of the head are approximately 15 cm by 11 cm.

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Reference: MO5EL

Mobile Elephant

This very pretty mobile, finely and richly worked, measures approximately 120 cm in height. It is composed of 5 colorful elephants decorated with traditional Indian fabrics, many seed beads, and it ends with a bell. It is handmade in India, in the beautiful region of Rajasthan. It's perfect for sprucing up a child's bedroom, or adding a splash of color to your living room!

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Reference: DV-02

Wooden Flower of Life

The Flower of Life is a geometric symbol made up of circles intertwined at regular intervals. It is a sacred and spiritual symbol, found in various cultures around the world for thousands of years. This wooden flower of life has a diameter of approximately 9 cm. You can use it as a coaster, for glasses or bottles, to energize your water. You can also use it to purify and recharge your minerals, or simply as a harmonizing decorative item.

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Reference: TIN-01

Tibetan Tingsha

The tingsha is a traditional Tibetan instrument consisting of two small bronze cymbals connected by a leather strap or chain. The clear and pure sound of the tingsha has the power to purify the negative energies existing in a room, but also to prepare the mind before a prayer, a meditation, or a yoga session.

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Reference: PARE

Elephant Parchment

This wall decoration rolls up and unrolls like a parchment. There is a small rope at the back which allows it to be attached to the wall using a nail. It is an original and typical decorative item from Thailand. It is entirely handmade, and represents a mother elephant with her calf in a river, at the foot of waterfalls.

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Reference: GUDT

Tibetan Flag Garland

This garland measures 4 meters and includes 25 lupkas (Tibetan prayer flags) of approximately 17 cm each. In the Tibetan tradition, lupkas are placed on rocks, bridges, mountain passes, temples or the roofs of houses... The winds will allow the prayers to be transported to the sky.

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Reference: POSO

Silk Pouch

These very pretty pouches are made from recycled Indian saris, and each piece is unique. The patterns can be quite diverse, often featuring floral or geometric designs. The pouch comes with a cotton cord for easy opening and closing. Dimensions: 15 cm in width by 20 cm in height.

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Reference: TAPM

Small Dari Rug

The small-sized Dari rug, bursting with vibrant colors, is perfect for defining a relaxation corner in the bedroom or living room. It can also serve as a doormat at the entrance, or be placed in front of the bathroom or kitchen sink. Its dimensions are approximately 90 cm in length by 50 cm in width. It's made from strips of recycled cotton with random colors, making each piece unique.

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Reference: FO-01

Cotton Fouta

Cotton fouta is appreciated for its versatility. Lightweight, soft, absorbent, easy to dry and carry, it is popular among travelers and wellness enthusiasts. It can be used as a beach or yoga towel, a pareo, a blanket, a scarf, a tablecloth, and more.

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Reference: CAD-01

surprise gift

This month's surprise gift is a natural stone bracelet, perfect for both men and women.

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Reference: BOQ-01

Qi Qong Balls

Chinese health balls are also called qi gong balls or baoding balls. Regular use increases dexterity and flexibility of the hands, but also grounding, reflection and concentration.

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Reference: TABO

Wooden Small Table

This pretty little foldable wooden table can be used as a stool or a pedestal table. It measures approximately 30 cm in height and 30 cm in width. It is versatile, light and very practical. It is easy to transport and store in a closet, under a bed, in a bag... It is ideal as a small side table, and space-saving.

Price €34.23 Regular price €38.90
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Reference: BOPM

paper mache ball

These superb papier-mâché balls are an original and authentic decoration, whether at Christmas or throughout the year. They have a pretty ribbon so they can be hung on a nail, a window, a door, or on the Christmas tree. These are unique pieces of craftsmanship typical of the beautiful mountainous region of Kashmir, India. Approximate diameter of the ball: 8 cm

Price €10.00
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