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Rayon Thaï Skirt


The long Thai rayon skirt is flowy and light fabric.

Casual, original and comfortable, it is suitable for women, but can be worn by men.

It is one size fits all: Its wide cut adapts to your waist through a set of folding.


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Reference: EnBo

Radha's Devotion Incense

Radaha’s Devotion  or Oriental Bouquet is a warm and spicy oriental blend containing essential oils of patchouli, cistus and citronella .

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Reference: PTBXL-BC

Fisherman pants XL - Two Colors

Two-tone Thai pants XL are 20 cm longer, and suitable for people over 1.75 m (total length of the pants 125 cm). These pants are unisex, original, casual. There is a pocket on the side. Thai pants have a very wide cut, which adapts to your waist size by a set of folds. 100% thick cotton and very good quality

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Eucalyptus Incense

Eucalyptus incense gives off a refreshing, cooling and decongestant fragrance for the respiratory tract. This incense has a purifying power for the spirit and for the house.

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Light Fisherman Pants

These fine cotton Thai pants are and ideal for hot countries or summertime. It is one size and unisex. Lightweight and flexible, they are very comfortable pants, perfect for sleeping, staying at home, doing various activities, yoga or meditation. You will be completely comfortable there!

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Sandalwood Incense

Sandalwood is a precious wood loaded with subtle oil. Its rich, warm and sweet scent acts on the deep self by bringing it a peaceful serenity. The mellow note of sandalwood soothes. It promotes a return to the reality of the present, here and now. It increases receptivity, willpower and ambition.

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Elephant Parchment

This wall decoration folds and unfolds like a scroll. There is a rope behind to be attached to the wall with a nail. This original decorative item comes from Thailand and represents an elephant mother with her cub in a river, at the foot of the waterfalls.

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Parchment Buddha

This wall decoration comes from Thailand and represents the head of Buddha. It rolls and unfolds like a scroll. There is a rope behind which you can attach at a nail, for example.

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Yoga Pants

These 100% cotton pants are very comfortable. One size . The waist is smocked on 11 cm of height, and the ankles are elasticized. No pockets 30 to 55 cm wide. Height of the trousers: 100 cm

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Red Mandala Necklace

Our red mandala necklace is in brass (copper-zinc alloy) with a glass cabochon. It includes a pendant (diameter about 27 mm) and a chain of 28 cm in length (53 cm in all). The center is a pretty flower, surrounded by geometric designs and feathers on the outer edge.

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Cotton White Shirt

This white cotton shirt is very comfortable to wear. It is mixed and will fit both men and women. The fabric is not too light, nor too thick, it is perfect!

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