Sodalite brings spiritual awakening, self-understanding, from others and the world, mental flexibility, as well as mastery of one's destiny. It stimulates logical thinking and intuition, and is excellent for the brain and the third eye. It helps to make the right decisions in life.

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Sodalite is a beautiful blue stone with white clouds, reminiscent of the earth seen from space. It is also an anchor stone and is effective against electromagnetic pollution.

Sodalite brings confidence and self-esteem. It is soothing and comforting. It facilitates communication and creativity.

Soldalite is linked with the 6th chakra.

Size of about 3 cm. Each piece is unique and chosen by us.

The sodalite has to be purified in spring water and recharged at the sunlight or moonlight, or in geode of quartz or amethyst.

The sodalite corresponds to the astrological signs of the virgo and the sagittarius.


Materialnatural stone

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