Arasia offers a selection of 35 fragrances of natural incense sticks made by Auroshikha. Scented scrolls are conducive to relaxation. You can quickly create an atmosphere to suit your mood ! 

Discover our range of fruity incense, the tangy smell of lemon, the sweet scent of orange blossom (neroli), the exotic and sweet fragrance of coconut !The fruity incenses have the effect of opening the appetite ! They will pleasantly scent your home!

With our woody range of incense, you will find rich and sophisticated scents that will remind you the undergrowth of green forests. These natural incenses with their fresh and delicate fragrances have a cleansing and purificating effect for your home and stimulate your mind !

Discover our selection of spicy incenses : hot and powerful flavors, intense and spicy, the sweetness of cinnamon, warmth and personality of ginger!

A range of incense with oriental notes: amber, vanilla, wood, musk, myrrh ... etc.. These high quality incense to evoke through their plumes of smoke warm regions and sensuality of the East ... totally captivating !

Some special properties of our incenses :

Incense SANDALWOOD is known to purify the air , it is good for meditation and is a light aphrodisiac .

The incense CANELLE stimulates appetite , great before sitting down to eat !

Incense JASMIN is excellent for meditation, it brings inner peace .

Use incense LAVENDER for relaxation and to eliminate the negative vibrations.

The incense MYRRHE promotes blood circulation and helps the reflection .

Incense COCONUT promotes concentration .

PATCHOULI INCENSE will provide peace and relaxation.

Incense ROSE attracts prosperity !

Incense VANILLA stimulates the body and mind. It improves responsiveness and relationships with peers . 


You can choose from our lovely incense assortments, to give it as a gift or just to treat yourself. 


Turn the end of batonnet incense and let ignite 2-3 seconds, then blow gently to extinguish the flame , burning begins.Place batonnet a burning incense, or plant it in a flower pot , for example , ventilate the room . 

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