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Plant a Tree

Arasia offers you, in collaboration with Planète Urgence, to plant a tree, or several, thanks to its reforestation actions in Peru (Amazonia), and in Indonesia. Arasia and its clients have already planted 2,080 trees since 2010. The projects we select make local populations aware of the issue of trees and forests, and the population becomes an actor in its own development, in harmony with nature.

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White Buddha Statue
  • White Buddha Statue

White Buddha Statue

This resin white and gold Buddha statue stands approximately 28cm tall. The white color of Buddha represents purity and serenity. The golden color of her hair, the edging of her clothes, and her plinth represent spiritual enlightenment and wisdom, but also wealth and prosperity. Buddha is seated in the lotus position, eyes closed, in a state of deep meditation.


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White and gold buddha statue

This white Buddha statue is a representation of the iconic Buddha figure. This statue can be used as a decorative object or for meditation.

The Buddha is a central figure of Buddhism, a religion that has its roots in India and is practiced in many parts of the world. The white color of the Buddha statue represents purity, peace, serenity and mental clarity, qualities that practitioners of Buddhism seek to cultivate in their spiritual practice.

Buddha is depicted here seated in the lotus position, his right hand resting on his right knee and his left palm turned toward heaven. His eyes are closed. His position represents the state of deep meditation and concentration.

The finishes are golden : In the Buddhist tradition, the color gold is associated with spiritual enlightenment and supreme wisdom, which the Buddha represents for practitioners. The color gold can also symbolize wealth and material prosperity.

Please note that for practicing Buddhists, Buddha statues are not just decorative objects, but sacred symbols that represent the Buddha's teachings and practices.

Height: 28cm

Material: Resin

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28 cm
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bronze ganesh

Ganesh is the Indian god with a human body and an elephant head who brings wisdom, wealth and luck. He is very popular ! This bronze Ganesh statue measures approximately 13 cm.

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Black Resin Buddha

This black resin Buddha measures approximately 13 cm and weighs approximately 140 grams. Sitting in the lotus position, he performs with his right hand the gesture of taking the earth to witness, and his left hand holds a vajra, or dorje.

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Reference: S-ELN

Black Elephant

This black resin figurine represents a sumptuously decorated Asian elephant with its trunk raised. Measures approximately 10cm tall and 15cm long. The raised trunk is synonymous with action and symbolizes strength, motivation and the absence of fear.

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Reference: S-BM

Medecine Buddha

This Medicine Buddha statue is made of bronze and is approximately 15 cm in height. The colors are black, green and gold. Here Buddha is seated in the lotus position. He is holding an ointment jar in his hands. This is Bhaishajyaguru, the Medicine Buddha, or "Master Healer of Light".

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Reference: S-BP

Thinker Buddha

This Thai Buddha in red and gold resin is represented in the thinker's position. Both of his hands rest on his raised left knee and his head rests on his hands. His eyes are closed. This position invites introspection and relaxation. Statue height: 19 cm, width: 13 cm.

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Reference: S-ER

Resin Elephant

This beautiful black resin elephant is handcrafted in India. It is covered with a blanket richly decorated with plant motifs and peacocks, and its head is adorned with a jewel. The elephant is an intelligent and peaceful animal that represents calm strength and kindness. Height of the statuette: about 10 cm.

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Reference: S-BCR

Resin Chinese Buddha

This Chinese Laughing Buddha in green resin is 8 cm tall and comes from Nepal. It depicts Budai, a Buddhist monk who lived in 10th century China. Far from presenting the image of an ascetic life, the big Buddha is not the historical Buddha, who was rather slender. Budai statues are traditionally considered lucky charms. They are found in most Chinese homes as well as many Asian temples and restaurants. Budai symbolizes joy of life, abundance and wealth, both material and spiritual.

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Reference: S-BPds

Prayer Buddha

This very pretty soapstone Buddha measures 8 cm in height. Buddha is here seated in the lotus position, his 2 hands joined in prayer at the level of the heart chakra, performing Atmanjali Mudra. This mudra is widely used in Asia to greet, ask for something, thank, or take leave. It brings peace and love, and leads back to the path of the heart. In India, it is called Namaste, which literally means "I salute the light within you".

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Reference: ELEPB

wooden elephant

This elephant is handmade from solid mimosa wood in the north of Thailand. It measures 25 cm in height, 23 cm in length, and weighs about 2 kilos. Its long and powerful defenses represent strength, and the horn turned inward invites to introspection.

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Reference: S-CB

Chinese Buddha Bronze

This bronze Chinese Buddha (or Laughing Buddha) is a representation of Budai, a Chinese Zen Buddhist monk who lived during China's last Liang Dynasty, in the tenth century. Its Buddhist name, Quieci, means promise in Chinese. Statue Height : 14 cm.

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