Unakite is an anchorage stone that helps overcome blockages. It allows to relativize any situation and take a step back. Excellent to relieve the feeling of jealousy and egos too stormy.

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Unakite comes from the Unaka Mountains, located in the United States. This mineral variety was discovered in 1801. Its other name is Epidote, a word from the Greek Epidosis, which means "complement."

This opaque green and pink color is mainly composed of quartz and orthoclase and is part of the granite family.

On a spiritual level, unakite promotes long-term vision, both of the past and of the future. It helps identify problems and solve them. Promote friendship and love. It balances emotions.

Promotes recovery after health problems. It is an excellent support for pregnant women.

It is related to the first chakra (root chakra) and to the sixth chakra (third eye). It is a good support to help raise awareness about energy levels.

Unakite tumbled stones, approximately 3 cm in size. Each stone is unique and chosen by us.

Unakite has to be purified in salted spring water and recharged in the sunlight, or in a cluster of quartz or amethyst.


Materialnatural stone

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