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The amethyst is the stone of wisdom that brings humility and balance. Purify the thoughts. It is a help for meditation and concentration. Stimulate the third eye and dissipates the negative.

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Delicate and powerful, Amethyst awakens spirituality and brings inner peace. It helps to get rid of addictions and mitigates excesses.

Slide an amethyst under the pillow to sleep deeply. It helps remember dreams and protects from nightmares.

The amethyst is a quartz crystal whose violet tone comes from the presence of iron and manganese.

Size approx. 3 cm. Each piece is unique and chosen by us.

The amethyst have to be purified with salt water and recharged in the morning sun (very little time), or on the full moon.

The amethyst corresponds to the astrological signs of the ram and the aquarius.


Materialnatural stone

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