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Plant a Tree

Arasia invites you to participate in the 1€ = 1 tree operation, which was launched in 2010. You can plant a tree, or several, in partnership with Arasia and the environmental protection associations that we select. Currently, in partnership with Planète Urgence, we are planting trees in Peru (Amazonia), and Indonesia. 2080 trees have already been planted by Arasia and its customers since 2010, an average of 160 trees per year. The projects we select raise local populations' awareness of tree and forest issues, and the population becomes an actor in its own development, in harmony with nature.

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Lightweight Cotton Pants

These Thai pants in fine cotton are light and ideal for hot countries or in the summer season. It is one size and unisex. It's loose, flexible, and very comfortable. It is perfect for holidays, staying at home, or doing various activities where you want to be comfortable, such as crafts, yoga or meditation.

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Fisherman Pants

Thai pants are an essential item of clothing in the wellness world, yoga classes, martial arts, massage parlors, spas... They are one size, unisex, casual, original and comfortable. These thick cotton Thai pants are of very good quality. Its wide cut adapts to your waistline with a set of folds. There is a pocket on one side.

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bronze sun
  • bronze sun

bronze sun


This magnificent bronze wall hanging measures 18 cm in diameter and weighs 0.8 kg. It represents the sun, with a face and, on its forehead, the Trishula, the trident of Shiva. This beautiful decorative object is handcrafted in India. It has a notch allowing it to be hung on a nail on the wall. On a symbolic level, the sun is associated with positive ideas such as life, light, power and knowledge.


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Bronze Sun Wall Hanger

1/Symbolism of the Sun

The sun is a powerful symbol in many cultures and traditions around the world. Below are its most common meanings and interpretations:

Light and heat: The sun is the source of light and heat on our planet, making it a symbol of life, vitality and the source of all energy.

Renewal and rebirth: The daily cycle of sunrise and sunset symbolizes renewal and rebirth. The sun that rises each morning represents opportunity and a new beginning.

Power and authority: In many ancient cultures, the sun was associated with deities and sun gods were considered figures of power and authority.

Balance and Duality: The sun is often associated with duality, as it symbolizes both light and dark, day and night. This may represent the balance between opposing forces.

Knowledge and Enlightenment: The sun is also a symbol of knowledge and enlightenment. In many cultures it is associated with the idea that the light of understanding dispels the darkness of ignorance.

Fertility and growth: As a source of heat and light, the sun is often linked to the fertility and growth of plants, making it a symbol of fertility.

Cultural symbol: In many cultures, the sun has been worshiped as a deity or celestial being, and its representations vary from culture to culture. For example, the sun god Ra in Egyptian mythology or the sun god Helios in Greek mythology.

Astronomical significance: The sun is the star of our solar system and its movement plays a key role in navigation and timekeeping.

Symbol of warmth: The sun can also symbolize warmth, kindness, and generosity, especially when used metaphorically to describe a person's character.

2/Symbolism of Shiva's trident

The Shiva trident, also called "Trishula" in Sanskrit, is an iconic weapon associated with the Hindu deity Shiva. This trident has a great symbolic meaning in Hinduism:

Power of Destruction: Represents the ability to destroy illusions, ignorance and negative aspects of existence to allow regeneration and spiritual growth.

Divine Trinity: The trident has three points, symbolizing the Hindu trinity called Trimurti. The three dots represent the three main deities of Hinduism: Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver) and Shiva (the destroyer).

Control over time: The trident is also associated with Shiva's control over time, as he is considered the master of the cycle of creation, preservation and destruction in the universe.

Balance: The Trishula also symbolizes balance between opposing forces. It represents the need to maintain a balance between the contradictory aspects of life, such as creation and destruction, light and darkness.

Spiritual Protection: The trident is a weapon that can destroy obstacles on the path to spiritual realization.

Kundalini: Some interpretations of Shiva's trident see it as a representation of the rise of spiritual energy called Kundalini through the three main energy channels (the nadis) in the human body.

In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is not only the destroyer but also the Lord of meditation, knowledge and spiritual transformation. Thus, Shiva's trident symbolizes the duality of him as destroyer and creator, and is revered for its ability to lead souls towards spiritual realization.

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Light Thaï Shirt

The fine cotton Thai shirt, casual and elegant, adapts to all occasions. Ideal for the mid-seasons, this long-sleeved shirt is suitable for both men and women. Its lightweight fabric makes it comfortable to wear during the day and in the evening. And to perfect your style, pair it with Thai pants or harem pants!

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Blue chalcedony is an agate with a very pretty pale blue color, sometimes with gray parts. It is often called the speaker's stone. Keep it with you when you speak in public, because it reduces stage fright and helps you find the right words. It brings harmony, benevolence and generosity. It promotes communication, new ideas, and stimulates creativity and the spirit of initiative.

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Reference: PR-13

Yellow Calcite

Yellow calcite is a stone that radiates like the sun. Keep it in your pocket to fight depression and gloomy thoughts. It is an energy amplifier: it increases self-confidence, motivation, and purifies thoughts. It would also help to develop extrasensory gifts (clairvoyance, clairaudiance, etc.), and facilitate astral travel.

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bronze ganesh

Ganesh is the Indian god with a human body and an elephant head who brings wisdom, wealth, and luck. He is one of the most sacred and popular gods in India! He is generally invoked at the beginning of Hindu ceremonies. This beautiful bronze statue of Ganesh measures approximately 13 cm.

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Reference: S11

Chinese Buddha Bronze

This bronze Chinese Buddha (or Laughing Buddha) is a representation of Budai, a Chinese Zen Buddhist monk who lived during China's last Liang Dynasty, in the tenth century. Its Buddhist name, Quieci, means promise in Chinese. Statue Height : 14 cm.

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Reference: S14

Thai Buddha Statue

Arasia offers you this Thai bronze Buddha statue. Height 20.5 cm. He performs with his hands dharma chakra mudra (teaching gesture).

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Reference: S06

Resin Elephant

This beautiful white resin elephant is handcrafted in India. It is covered with a blanket richly decorated with plant motifs and peacocks, and its head is adorned with a jewel. The elephant is an intelligent and peaceful animal that represents calm strength and kindness. Height of the statuette: about 10 cm.

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Reference: S02

Prayer Buddha

This very pretty soapstone Buddha measures 8 cm in height. Buddha is here seated in the lotus position, his 2 hands joined in prayer at the level of the heart chakra, performing Atmanjali Mudra. This mudra is widely used in Asia to greet, ask for something, thank, or take leave. It brings peace and love, and leads back to the path of the heart. In India, it is called Namaste, which literally means "I salute the light within you".

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Reference: S01

Resin Chinese Buddha

This Chinese Laughing Buddha in green resin is 8 cm tall and comes from Nepal. It depicts Budai, a Buddhist monk who lived in 10th century China. Far from presenting the image of an ascetic life, the big Buddha is not the historical Buddha, who was rather slender. Budai statues are traditionally considered lucky charms. They are found in most Chinese homes as well as many Asian temples and restaurants. Budai symbolizes joy of life, abundance and wealth, both material and spiritual.

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Reference: S08

Shiva Nataraj Statue

Nataraja is one of the most famous manifestations of Shiva. It is the God of Dance, the cosmic dancer who fluctuates the infinite processes of destruction and creation of the universe. Height 14 cm.

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Reference: S03

Black Resin Buddha

This black resin Buddha measures approximately 13 cm and weighs approximately 140 grams. Sitting in the lotus position, he performs with his right hand the gesture of taking the earth to witness, and his left hand holds a vajra, or dorje.

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Reference: S07

White Buddha Statue

This resin white and gold Buddha statue stands approximately 28cm tall. The white color of Buddha represents purity and serenity. The golden color of her hair, the edging of her clothes, and her plinth represent spiritual enlightenment and wisdom, but also wealth and prosperity. Buddha is seated in the lotus position, eyes closed, in a state of deep meditation.

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Reference: S10

wooden elephant

This mimosa wood elephant is handmade by Thai artisans. It measures 25 cm in height, 23 cm in length, and weighs approximately 2 kilograms. Its long and powerful tusks symbolize strength and power, while the inward-facing trunk invites introspection and reflection.

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Reference: S04

Black Elephant

This black resin figurine measures approximately 10 cm in height and 15 cm in length. It depicts a sumptuously decorated Asian elephant, suitable for a celebration or ceremony. The raised trunk signifies action and symbolizes strength, motivation, and fearlessness.

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Reference: S05

Resin Ganesh

This white resin Ganesh measures approximately 14 cm in height. In Indian mythology, Ganesh is the son of Shiva and Parvati. It is said that he removes all obstacles. Ganesh is the guardian of doors, protector of devotees. The Ganesh Chaturthi festival, which celebrates Ganesh's birth, is one of the largest festivals in India. Devotees install Ganesh statues in their homes and organize prayer ceremonies and processions. At the end of the festival, the statues are immersed in water, symbolizing Ganesh's return to his celestial home and marking the end of his visit on earth. Celebrated during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, he embodies wisdom and intelligence.

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Reference: S15

Bronze Elephant

This 12-centimeter-tall and 14-centimeter-wide bronze statue depicts an elephant. Its trunk is raised, often considered a sign of good fortune. The statue is green, dark gray, and golden. The elephant is adorned in a festive or ceremonial manner, with intricate details depicting women, the elephant god Ganesh, lions, peacocks, as well as traditional Indian ornaments.

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Reference: S16

Bronze Dragon

The dragon is a mythical creature in Asian culture, symbolizing strength and power. Length: 31 cm. Height: 15 cm.

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