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Reference: ARBRE

Plant a Tree

Arasia invites you to participate in the 1€ = 1 tree operation, which was launched in 2010. You can plant a tree, or several, in partnership with Arasia and the environmental protection associations that we select. Currently, in partnership with Planète Urgence, we are planting trees in Peru (Amazonia), and Indonesia. 2080 trees have already been planted by Arasia and its customers since 2010, an average of 160 trees per year. The projects we select raise local populations' awareness of tree and forest issues, and the population becomes an actor in its own development, in harmony with nature.

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Reference: PT-R

Fisherman Pants

Thai pants are an essential item of clothing in the wellness world, yoga classes, martial arts, massage parlors, spas... They are one size, unisex, casual, original and comfortable. These thick cotton Thai pants are of very good quality. Its wide cut adapts to your waistline with a set of folds. There is a pocket on one side.

Reference: M-BYi-Or

Fingerzen YIN

The massage ring is a very effective little accessory to improve well-being. Use it regularly to help prevent or relieve arthritis and osteoarthritis, stimulate circulation and activate the meridians, those energy lines that run through our body according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). According to this ancient and holistic medicine, each finger corresponds to one or more organs and one or more emotions (see diagram).

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Reference: BO01

Buddha Earrings

These beautiful brass earrings represent heads of Thai Buddha, the historical Buddha. The head of Buddha is the symbol of balance and harmony. Closed eyes symbolize deep meditation and long ears symbolize attentive listening.

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Reference: PTS-C

Children Fisherman Pants

Your children will love this very comfortable garment, which allows great ease of movement. Thai pants for children are suitable for girls and boys between 5 and 8 years old. There is a pocket on the side. 100% thick cotton of very good quality. Several colors available.

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Reference: TPMEB

Elephant Blue Wall Hanging

This tapestry represents an elephant under the tree of life, which connects the terrestrial world to the celestial world. It is 100% cotton and measures 2.20 m high by 1.20 m wide. The design is sky blue on a black background. The elephant is a symbol of strength, courage, longevity and fertility. The tree of life represents the axis of the world.

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Reference: BRP01

Fire Agate Bracelet

This bracelet is made of round fire agate beads, diameter of the beads 6 mm. Fire Agate is a very beautiful stone, which is connected to the Sun and the Earth. It activates and maintains our inner fire, it brings security, anchoring, protection and regeneration. It is a stone of transformation. Letting go of the old to welcome the new. It helps us make the right decisions in difficult times, and it supports us in our life choices. It brings strength and courage.

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Reference: EVE02

Hand Decorated Fan

This Thai fabric fan is decorated with beautiful colors and depicts traditional Thai houses by a river. It can be used to cool off in hot weather, by stirring the ambient air, or to decorate the walls of houses. They can also be used as a traditional Thai dance prop, such as the Fawn Thai dance. The Thai fabric fan is a very beautiful object that reflects the richness of Thai culture and the beauty of its traditional craftsmanship.

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Reference: PEF

Leaf Incense Holder

This leaf shaped wooden incense holder is handmade in India and measures approximately 26cm. It is an ideal incense holder for stick incense. The shape of the leaf is very original and represents the plant kingdom as a whole, which is a symbol of protection and prosperity.

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Reference: BO07

Seed of Life Earrings

Symbolically, the seed of life refers to the embryonic stage in the development of an idea. It can be used as a lucky amulet, when making a new start or when launching a project. It is, like the seed of a plant, the origin of something much greater. In a broader sense, the seed of life refers to the idea that all living things, including plants and animals, have within them a seed or essence of life that allows them to grow and develop towards their highest potential.

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Reference: JTCR-B

Thai Rayon Short Skirt

This short Thai skirt is made of rayon, a fine, light and flexible fabric, and very comfortable to wear. Rayon is also called artificial silk because of its slightly shiny, soft and silky appearance. The Arasia short Thai skirt in rayon arrives above the knee. Practical and comfortable, it is ideal to wear on hot summer days, or in mid-season or in winter over leggings for example.

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Reference: PIT

Tibetan Hair Pin

These pretty wooden hair sticks are a hair accessory featuring an ornament inspired by Tibetan art and culture at their end. They measure approximately 16cm in length. They are used to hold buns and braids, or to adorn ponytails. They will add a touch of sophistication and exoticism to your hairstyle.

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