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Plant a Tree

Arasia offers you, in collaboration with Planète Urgence, to plant a tree, or several, thanks to its reforestation actions in Peru (Amazonia), and in Indonesia. Arasia and its clients have already planted 2,080 trees since 2010. The projects we select make local populations aware of the issue of trees and forests, and the population becomes an actor in its own development, in harmony with nature.

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Earrings Mango
  • Earrings Mango

Earrings Mango


Those nice and colorful earrings are made of mango wood in the north of Thaïland. There also are cotton thread and small beads. Hand made and fair trade.

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  Take part in our reforestation action

1 euro = 1 tree

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8 cm
mango wood
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Reference: PTS-C

Children Fisherman Pants

Your children will love this very comfortable garment, which allows great ease of movement. Thai pants for children are suitable for girls and boys between 5 and 8 years old. There is a pocket on the side. 100% thick cotton of very good quality. Several colors available.

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Reference: EVE02

Hand Decorated Fan

This beautiful fan hand made and hand painted in Thailand is about 25 cm long. The brightly colored decoration represents the traditional houses by the river and the lush nature!

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Reference: PIM2

Hair Pin Mango 2

A hair stick is a very practical accessory for styling your hair easily and quickly: twist it in your hair to form a bun. If you can't get it to hold, first tie your bun with a rubber band, then plant the hair stick in it.

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Reference: PIT

Tibetan Hair Pin

These pretty wooden hairpicks are adorned at the end with beautiful jewelry in Tibetan style. They measure approximately 16 cm in length. The model is sent randomly.

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Reference: BO09

Labradorite Earrings

This beautiful pair of labradorite earrings will bring you spiritual elevation, harmony, balance and protection. Labradorite, a magical healing stone, is known to develop gifts and stimulate creativity.

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Reference: BO10

Mandala Earrings

These beautiful Indian earrings are made of brass or brass (copper zinc alloy). They represent a mandala, with a seed of life in its center. The seed of life is a figure of sacred geometry composed of 7 circles: 1 central circle and 6 circles around it. It is a flower of life in the making, and, symbolically, the seed of all our future projects.

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Reference: PAMA

Mango Jewelry Set

This pretty mango adornment includes an adjustable necklace (thanks to the sliding knots), and a pair of matching earrings. The wood used is very light (mango wood). It is painted dark brown/red color, and decorated with colored leather cords, and small wooden beads (purple, green and pink). The necklace also includes pretty black and white horn beads. Handmade in Northern Thailand.

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Reference: BO08

Indian Earrings

These beautiful Indian earrings are elegant and feminine. They measure approximately 5 cm in total height. They are made of brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc. There are pretty round and moon-shaped copper details.

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Reference: BO02

Silvered Earrings

These pretty silver-colored women's earrings are made of zinc alloy (non-allergenic metal). They are handmade in North India. Their shape is round and they are openwork with holes. Their height is about 6 cm (counting the clip).

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Reference: BO01

Buddha Earrings

These beautiful brass earrings represent heads of Thai Buddha, the historical Buddha. The head of Buddha is the symbol of balance and harmony. Closed eyes symbolize deep meditation and long ears symbolize attentive listening.

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Reference: BO06

Dreamcatch Earrings

These pretty earrings in silver metal and small sky blue beads represent the Native American dream catcher. The dream catcher, or dreamcatch is renowned for protecting the sleep of sleepers, and guaranteeing them a night without nightmares. It has become a very popular symbol these days. It is composed of a mandala circle, and feathers.

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