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Plant a Tree

Arasia invites you to participate in the 1€ = 1 tree operation, which was launched in 2010. You can plant a tree, or several, in partnership with Arasia and the environmental protection associations that we select. Currently, in partnership with Planète Urgence, we are planting trees in Peru (Amazonia), and Indonesia. 2080 trees have already been planted by Arasia and its customers since 2010, an average of 160 trees per year. The projects we select raise local populations' awareness of tree and forest issues, and the population becomes an actor in its own development, in harmony with nature.

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Fisherman Pants

Thai pants are an essential item of clothing in the wellness world, yoga classes, martial arts, massage parlors, spas... They are one size, unisex, casual, original and comfortable. These thick cotton Thai pants are of very good quality. Its wide cut adapts to your waistline with a set of folds. There is a pocket on one side.

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Lightweight Cotton Pants

These Thai pants in fine cotton are light and ideal for hot countries or in the summer season. It is one size and unisex. It's loose, flexible, and very comfortable. It is perfect for holidays, staying at home, or doing various activities where you want to be comfortable, such as crafts, yoga or meditation.

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7 Chakras Mala
  • 7 Chakras Mala

Wooden 7 Chakras Mala


This beautiful light wood mala necklace contains 108 beads, with two rows of 7 beads in the colors of the 7 chakras. It is finished with a golden Buddha head bead and a beige tassel. It is specially designed to assist in balancing and harmonizing the seven chakras, which are energy centers located along the spine, each corresponding to specific aspects of life and consciousness.


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7 Chakras Wood Mala with Buddha Head

The mala is traditionally a meditation or prayer necklace used in Hindu and Buddhist spirituality.

Material: Natural wood beads, colored resin beads, and natural stones to represent the seven chakras, each with its associated color.

Number of beads: This mala consists of 108 beads, a significant number in many spiritual traditions.

Chakras: The seven main chakras are aligned along the spine, from the base to the crown. The colored beads of the mala are associated with these chakras and bear their corresponding colors: red for the root chakra, orange for the sacral chakra, yellow/brown for the solar plexus chakra, green for the heart chakra, light blue for the throat chakra, indigo for the third eye chakra, and violet for the crown chakra.

Meditation: Practitioners use the mala to count repetitions of mantras or specific prayers for each chakra. By doing so, they can focus on the activation and harmonization of each chakra individually.

This 7 Chakras wood mala can be worn as jewelry or used during meditation sessions to help cultivate inner peace and spiritual awareness.

The total length of the mala is approximately 45 cm.

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45 cm
Beads diameter
8 mm
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Reference: MA-09

Lapis Mala

This mala includes 108 lapis lazuli beads and a lotus flower pendant. Lapis lazuli is a pretty blue stone that is connected to the 6th chakra, Ajna. It is a spiritual stone, which brings deep peace, and which strengthens intuition. It is said to help express one's desires and intentions clearly. It is also a stone of protection against negative energies. The lotus, symbol of purity and elegance, is the national flower of India, and has a very powerful symbolism.

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Reference: MA-04

Serenity Mala

This mala is composed of amethyst, pink quartz and amazonite beads, diameter of the beads 8 mm. There is also a purple pompom. It brings peace, gentleness and serenity. Purple is the color of spirituality and healing. Pink is the color of the heart chakra. Green is the color of peace.

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Reference: MA-10

Tiger eye onyx wood mala

This beautiful mala is composed of 108 + 1 beads of white wood, black onyx and tiger eye. Black Onyx, nicknamed "the artist's stone", sharpens the 5 senses, as well as creativity. Tiger's eye, an excellent stone, increases motivation and has anti-stress effects. The white wood, in contact with the skin, partly absorbs the excess acidity.

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Reference: MA-14

Tiger Eye Mala

This beautiful tiger eye mala, 7 chakras, lotus and swastika is composed of 108 natural stone beads (diameter of the beads 8 mm) and a very beautiful pendant with on one side the lotus and on the other side a swastika . Tiger's eye is a stone of protection, it brings self-confidence. It is an excellent anti-stress and it is useful in helping us to make the right choices and decisions. The lotus and the swastika are sacred symbols in Hindu culture.

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Reference: MA-06

Amethyst Mala

This mala is composed of 108 amethyst beads (bead diameter 6 mm), along with small silver beads and a Buddha pendant. It can be worn either as a bracelet around the wrist or as a necklace around the neck. Malas are traditionally used in meditation, especially in Buddhist and Hindu spiritual practices.

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Reference: MA-15

Rose Quartz Mala

This very pretty mala is composed mainly of pink quartz beads, and a lotus flower pendant. It will bring you emotional peace, and soften your feelings. Rose quartz is the stone of fulfillment and creativity. It intensifies feelings of love and friendship. As for the lotus flower, it is a powerful symbol of spiritual awakening.

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Reference: CO-15

Mala Bracelet

This lovely mala bracelet can also be worn as a necklace. It is made of wooden beads and carnelian. The mala (tengwa in Tibetan) is the Buddhist rosary, an object that the faithful seldom part with, holding it in the hand, wrapped around the wrist, or around the neck.

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Reference: MA-01

Mala Carnelian

Carnelian is a variety of agate that can be red or orange. This stone reconnects to the body, and heals sexual disorders. It calms strong emotions, helps to understand others, and to approach them with spontaneity. It is the stone of fertility and creativity. It helps concentration, and a clear vision of life projects. It calms and balances the spirit, and gives courage and energy.

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Reference: CO-16

Mala Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a sacred tree and its bark has many virtues. It has been used for centuries in traditional medicine, religious ceremonies, perfumery, incense, and for making jewelry. Its wood is smooth and naturally fragrant. This mala is composed of 108 sandalwood beads with a diameter of 8 mm + 6 beads on the knot, which allows you to know when you have finished the 108 recitations. The elastic is thick and very strong.

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Reference: MA-02

Anchoring Mala and Bracelet

This set, composed of a 108-bead mala necklace and a matching bracelet, is made with tiger's eye, onyx and African turquoise beads. It provides you with the essential foundations to move forward successfully in life: serenity, grounding, internal security, protection and confidence.

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Reference: MA-18

Creativity Mala

This beautiful mala is composed of 108 beads, 8 mm in size, made of mookaite jasper, brecciated jasper, and African turquoise. The guru (spiritual master or guide) is a 10 mm bead made of rock crystal, and the tassel is mustard yellow. It will be useful for decision-making and promotes creativity and communication.

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Reference: MA-07

Mala Labradorite

This very pretty mala can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace. It is composed of labradorite beads, and an Aum pendant. Labradorite, a healing stone, is highly valued by therapists. It is a stone that develops psychic gifts and raises spiritual awareness. It brings harmony and protection, and stimulates creativity and imagination. The Aum is the sacred syllable which would be at the origin of the Universe, according to Hindu traditions.

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Reference: MA-05

Orange Agate Mala

This beautiful mala consists of 108 beads made of yellow, orange, and gray agate, along with a lovely lotus brass pendant. It can be worn either around the neck as a necklace or wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet. Its colors are soft, natural, and warm, and the elastic is very durable. Agate is a stone of balance, luck, and friendship, while the lotus is a symbol of spiritual elevation.

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