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Plant a Tree

Arasia offers you, in collaboration with Planète Urgence, to plant a tree, or several, thanks to its reforestation actions in Peru (Amazonia), and in Indonesia. Arasia and its clients have already planted 2,080 trees since 2010. The projects we select make local populations aware of the issue of trees and forests, and the population becomes an actor in its own development, in harmony with nature.

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Felt Trivet Nepal
  • Felt Trivet Nepal

Felt Trivet Nepal


This beautiful felt trivet is original and colorful. The diameter is about 22 cm. This item comes from ethical trade with Nepalese artisans.

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  Take part in our reforestation action

1 euro = 1 tree

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Reference: MAV

Mobile Tree of Life

This mobile tree of life in patinated brass is approximately 42 cm high. It is decorated with colored pearls and 3 bells. The whole has an aged effect. Ideal to hang on the wall or ceiling, inside or outside the house.

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Reference: GUIRD

Tibetan Flag Garland

This garland measures 4 meters and includes 25 lupkas (Tibetan prayer flags) of approximately 17 cm each. In the Tibetan tradition, lupkas are placed on rocks, bridges, mountain passes, temples or the roofs of houses... The winds will allow the prayers to be transported to the sky.

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Reference: EVE01

Sandalwood Fan

This sandalwood fan is handmade in Thailand and is 20 cm long, and approximately 33cm wide when opened. Fragrant and delicate, it is openwork and decorated with hand-painted flowers.

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Wooden Fog

This cute wooden frog is a traditional toy in Thailand, which makes a musical sound like a frog croaking! In the frog's mouth there is a stick, take it out and hold it by the thinnest part. Then slide the thickest part of the stick over the frog's back, from bottom to top. Handmade in Thailand.

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Reference: M5E

Mobile Elephant

This mobile is about 90 cm high and has 5 colorful and decorated elephants, as well as bells and small red pompoms. Handmade in India, Rajasthan. It is perfect for a child's room or to decorate the living room!

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Reference: MOE

Elephant Mobile

This wooden elephant mobile, handmade in India, is composed of a golden rope, 2 stone balls, small silver beads and a golden brass bell. It measures approximately 34 cm in length and 8 cm in width. Ideal for decoration in a child's bedroom, living room, etc.

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Reference: TPPM

Small Dari Rug

Dari rug small model, very colorful, ideal in front of the entrance door, in the bathroom, kitchen or livieng room. It is made from strips of recycled cotton, each piece is unique. The dimensions are approximately 90 cm long by 50 cm wide.

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Reference: DES03

Wooden Flower of Life

This wooden flower of life has a diameter of about 9 cm. You can use it as a coaster, or to energize your water, purify and recharge your minerals, or simply for decoration.

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Reference: BOULPM

paper mache ball

These magnificent papier-mâché balls, handmade in India, are a very original decoration, especially at Christmas. They are provided with a ribbon that allows them to be hung on a nail, for example, or on the Christmas tree. It is typical handicraft from the beautiful hilly region of Kashmir, India. Approximate diameter of the ball: 8 cm

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Reference: ELEPB

wooden elephant

This elephant is handmade from solid mimosa wood in the north of Thailand. It measures 25 cm in height, 23 cm in length, and weighs about 2 kilos. Its long and powerful defenses represent strength, and the horn turned inward invites to introspection.

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Reference: EVE02

Hand Decorated Fan

This beautiful fan hand made and hand painted in Thailand is about 25 cm long. The brightly colored decoration represents the traditional houses by the river and the lush nature!

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Reference: PAE

Elephant Parchment

This wall decoration folds and unfolds like a scroll. There is a rope behind to be attached to the wall with a nail. This original decorative item comes from Thailand and represents an elephant mother with her cub in a river, at the foot of the waterfalls.

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