Tibetan bowl: how to make it sing?

The Tibetan bowl is traditionally used for prayer, meditation as well as for holistic therapeutic treatments (healing by sounds).

Their popularity is due to the remarkable sound they produce. They have been an integral part of Asian culture for centuries.

The best singing bowls are from the Dharamsala region in India, and are made of a seven metals alloy: bronze, copper, tin, zinc, iron, silver and gold, which corresponds to the seven planets of the solar system, seven chakras … etc.

Pure sound with harmonizing properties

A Tibetan bowl can produce two distinct sounds:

-The first sound is the easiest to make. It is obtained by tapping the bowl once with the stick in a flexible but firm manner.
-The second sound requires more agility, it is the “singing” of the bowl itself. It is obtained by circular friction of the stick around the bowl.

This sound, incredibly rich and beautiful, is in fact a harmonic (several notes) sometimes complex, and which is characteristic of each bowl.

How to make your Tibetan bowl sing?

If you are right-handed, place the Tibetan bowl flat on your left hand which must remain flexible. Fingertips should not touch the bowl. Hold the stick with your right hand. Start by gently and gently giving one or more small taps on the outside of the bowl to make it ring.

Then rotate the stick around the outer edge of the bowl, pressing more or less firmly on the bowl. You have to try to catch the sound with the stick, and manage to keep it with a regular rotating movement.

Fans of music and dexterity games will be in paradise! Also note that the smaller the bowl, the more difficult it is to make it sing, but after a little practice, you will obtain a very pure sound which has curative, purifying and calming properties.

The simple act of ringing your bowl is a meditation in itself, because you have to center yourself and be in the present moment (listening).

Arasia Tibetan bowls

All our bowls are sold with their stick which is covered in felt for a softer sound.

Our singing bowls can be simple or decorated with spiritual motifs and symbols (the mantra Om mani padme hum, or images of Buddha).

Arasia offers you handmade Tibetan bowls in Benares, the sacred city of India, as well as cushions for Tibetan bowls.