Hemp Clothing

The hemp textile fiber possesses exceptional qualities, and its cultivation is environmentally friendly. Discover our hemp clothing models and all the advantages of this noble textile that is making a comeback!

Clothing, fabrics, sails, ropes… Hemp is a very useful plant in many fields and has multiple advantages.

A plant with extraordinary properties.

Cultivated for at least 5000 years, hemp is a plant with exceptional qualities. It was widely used before the industrial era in many fields, then neglected in favor of other materials.

Food, cosmetics, paint, stationery, textiles, navigation, construction, medical applications, animal litter, soil regeneration… Its uses are numerous, and its cultivation requires neither chemical fertilizers nor pesticides.

In the medical field, hemp is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, anti-nausea, anti-emetic, stimulates appetite, and aids sleep. It proves to be very useful in the treatment of many diseases.

The oil extracted from its seeds is edible and possesses exceptional nutritional qualities.

Today, hemp is experiencing a resurgence of interest, thanks in particular to its ecological qualities and its contribution to sustainable development.

A high-quality textile

The qualities of hemp textile are numerous: this noble and eco-friendly fabric has many remarkable properties!
  • Thermoregulator: in winter it keeps warm as it is robust and thick, in summer it keeps cool as it allows the skin to breathe and does not stick…
  • Naturally antibacterial, it is ideal for sensitive skin and does not cause allergies.
  • Can be worn for several days without washing, does not retain body odors, and absorbs moisture. Moreover, after washing, it dries quickly in the open air.
  • Durable, resistant, and robust, it maintains the same shape throughout its life, does not shrink when washed, you can keep it for many years!
  • Environmentally friendly, hemp is an excellent alternative to cotton, linen, and preserves the environment and therefore human health.

A garment that reflects your essence

The clothes you wear can change your life! Hemp clothing brings you well-being and energy, supporting your creative potential as they resonate with your inner self… They help you listen to your body and your heart and develop your natural gifts!

Indeed, the clothes you wear can either block your energy or, on the contrary, balance and harmonize you. Like a second skin, seemingly tailored for you, hemp clothing supports you on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, providing protection and freedom!

Arasia’s hemp clothing models

Our clothing helps you stay attuned to your sensations: They don’t stick to your skin and don’t constrict you… The feeling is both soft and sturdy… The color is natural and soothing… Energies flow… The shape is loose and comfortable, allowing you to forget it and focus on the essentials! You have great freedom of movement, you regain lightness, while cultivating respect for your body and the planet! Moreover, they will enhance your silhouette.

Our 100% hemp Thai pants are unisex and one size fits all. The fabric is very comfortable, natural, and durable. The mottled beige color is very natural. It adjusts to your waist size thanks to a series of folds, it is adjustable in width and height. There is a large pocket on the side.

How to put on your Thai pants?

[Link to the video]

Men’s Hemp Tunic offered by Arasia

Our men’s 100% hemp shirt with its Mandarin collar and two beautiful wooden buttons. It is available in 3 sizes.

Thai hemp Capri pants offered at Arasia boutique

These items come from fair trade with Thai artisans.

Soon we will offer you Thai hemp Capri pants and Thai hemp skirts!

Thank you for reading, and see you soon on the online store!

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