The tree of life: this mythical symbol

The tree of life is a powerful and ancient symbol, present in many cultures.

The Tree of Life is often depicted within a circle. The circle is the perfect shape that represents consciousness, as well as the unity of life, which is the cell. The circle is also the basic element of the Flower of Life.

The Tree of Life represents the continuity of evolution and the symbolic connection between all forms of creation, like a vast planetary family tree. It is protective and a provider of sustenance.

The tree of knowledge connects the underground world, represented by the roots, with the heavenly world, represented by the branches.

The tree is a symbol present in many religions, mythologies and philosophies.

According to Christianity, the tree is present in the garden of Eden, it is the symbol of eternal life and the knowledge of good and evil.

The same notion of an immortal tree is found in Islam and in Judaism. Placed in the middle of Paradise, it loses its leaves every winter and these grow back in the following spring (representation of the eternal cycle of seasons and life).

According to Buddhism, ‘Açvattha’ is a sacred fig tree: it is under this tree that Buddha meditated and acquired wisdom.

Among the Hindus, the universe takes the form of an overturned tree: it’s roots start from the sky, and its branches and leaves cover the earth. The sacred tree of Hindus is the Akshayavat, “the eternal banyan“, a remarkable example of divine power, for this tree would be indestructible. It would be located within the ramparts of Fort Allahabad, at the confluence of the Ganges and the Yamuna River.

In Chinese mythology, ‘Kien-mou’ is the sacred tree that connects the nine sources (stay of the dead) to the nine heavens. Thanks to him, the sovereigns pass from heaven to earth and vice versa. They are temporary substitutes for the sun to manage life on earth.

The tree of life, a mythical symbol, is considered a lucky charm, a talisman that reminds us of where we come from and where we go (we come from Earth to rise to the Heavens).

The tree is charged with symbolism and imbued with divine essence, and with the spark of life that allows it to grow.

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