The Yin Yang symbol

the yin yang symbol
Yin Yang is one of the fundamental symbols of China philosophy

Yin and Yang are the most well-known and fundamental symbol of Chinese philosophy: it expresses the duality through which the universe manifests itself.

Designates the two relative, opposite and complementary poles that characterize each facet of life, for example: shadow and light, the visible and the invisible, the material and the spiritual, self and others…

Perpetual Motion

Yin contains Yang and Yang contains Yin, they are inseparable and one does not exist without the other.

Yin becomes Yang and Yang becomes Yin, nothing is fixed and everything is transformed.

These two relative and mobile principles guarantee the balance of the world, harmony and the universe.

Yin and Yang

Yin Yang is a practical tool for describing and observing the world.

Yin is the black part of the symbol and represents the feminine, the night, the moon, the cold, rest, stillness and the unconscious.

These concepts are qualified as yin in relation to their opposite concepts:

Yang, the white part represents energy, day, sun, masculine, summer, heat, mobility, consciousness.

Yin is calm and Yang is agitation; Yin is the seed and Yang is the fruit.

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