Yoga: Reconnect with yourself, to meet the challenge of modern times!

Access to a better self-knowledge through Yoga:
Discovery and exploration of his body, his breath, and appeasement of the mind.

Yoga, an ancestral practice, can be defined as a dive into oneself, with the aim of balancing and unifying our whole being (Body-Soul-Spirit), thanks to the different body postures (Asanas) and breathing (Pranayama ) conscious.

Find the divine within you.

The original meaning of the Sanskrit word Yoga (योग) is “union with God”: the primary goal of yoga is the union of the individual Self with the Universal Self.

Discipline born in India, in the Harrapan valley around 2250 BC. J.C, Yoga would be a gift offered to humanity by the God Shiva, through Matsyendra, the little fish who became human, and who was the first yogi of all time.

The many benefits of yoga

Regular practice quickly brings about a real inner and outer transformation. With the harmonization of the body/mind/breath system, we feel a balance and serenity that increase our confidence in ourselves and in the universe. At the same time, our relationships with others improve.

Yoga improves general well-being, and vital energy, it enriches our lives, a bit like spiritual nourishment!

The more one progresses in the practice, the more one gains in strength and physical and mental health, and experiences more satisfaction in the practice and in everyday life.

The many benefits include:

  • Strengthening of all muscle chains
  • Flexibility, Better endurance
  • Decreased blood pressure and heart rate
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Improved concentration, clearer mind
  • Openness to others and to spiritual evolution

Yoga is not only gymnastics but a holistic practice, that is to say, it conceives the human being in its entirety.

The practice does not stop with the end of the session, and the benefits are felt in all aspects of your life.

With the awareness of oneness of self with all things, we sharpen our ecological commitment, for we understand that Gaia is sacred, and that she needs each of us.

To go further in practice, we modify the quality of our diet, it becomes healthier and more balanced.

We experience more pleasure in daily discipline and self-transcendence: the flexibility of the body becomes flexibility of the mind!

The practice of yoga has become beneficial and essential for many. It will lead you to greater harmony in your life!

Yoga, a universal and adaptable discipline, is accessible to all.
Its many forms are now practiced daily.
by millions of people around the world!

Mudras : health at your fingertips !

Mudras are hands gestures whose origin goes back to ancient India, several millennia ago.

Omnipresent in Hindu dances, they tell us the story of the manifestation of God in the universe.


The Sanskrit word mudra means “sign”, or “seal”. It comes from the terms: “mud” which means bliss, happiness and “dhra” which means dissolution. Each mudra has a deep meaning and has a part of the magic of Life.

Ancient Vedic tradition

According to the ancient tradition, our five fingers represent the five building blocks, or the five main elements of the universe (called Panchamahabhootas ).

Each finger has its function and its power within our body. When the fingers touch, the “nadis” (subtle energy channels) are connected and particular energy vibrations are activated. The different elements that make up our body and the entire universe can associate and cooperate.

Relationships between the fingers and the elements, according to Vedic tradition.

The thumb is connected to the Fire (Agni)

The forefinger is linked to the Air (Vayu)

The middle finger is connected to the Ether, the Sky (Akasha)

The ring finger is connected to the Earth (Prithvi)

The little finger is connected to the Water (Jala)

It is worth mentioning that the 5 elements do not refers to the same concepts in the Indian and Chinese culture, the correspondences also change (learn more about the 5 Chinese elements here).

Benefits on health and well-being

Using mudras regularly is a natural way to improve your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Murdas is practiced by creating, with one’s fingers, particular forms that generate energy and subtle vibrations that care for the body and the mind.

It also includes the principle of Asanas (postures of yoga). Moreover, mudras are often referred to as ” finger yoga”.

Practiced regularly, the mudras improve our general health, and harmony body-spirit-universe.

Our hands can replace our eyes in the dark, they can also be used to communicate with our fellow humans and with the rest of the universe. Our hands are the first means of expression before one learn how to speak!

Our destiny rests in our hands, and this expression is to be taken literally and figuratively.

Discover 17 mudras with Arasia:

Dharmachakra mudra
1- DHARMACHAKRA MUDRA: The Mudra of the spinning wheel of life brings personal evolution and teaches the perpetual transformation of the universe. Key word: letting go.
Padma mudra
2- Padma Mudra – The Lotus Flower Mudra opens the heart to universal love. Heals inner wounds and teaches forgiveness. Key word: love.
Our hands are the first means of expression before one learn how to speak!
3 – Akini Mudra – The Mudra of concentration and reflection, it allows exchange between the 2 hemispheres of the brain. The 5 energy channels are activated equally. Key word: alignment.
4 – Shiva Linga mudra symbolizes the integration of the energies of Shiva and Shakti, Hindu god and goddess. The right hand with the right thumb represents masculine strength and the left hand symbolizes feminine energy.
5 – ATMANJALI MUDRA This mudra, commonly called “Namasté” is omnipresent in India to say hello, thank you, goodbye, etc…
It takes us back to the path of the heart.
The 2 hands together represent our spiritual and material parts, or the solar and lunar energies, which are gathered here. Key word light.

6 – Shunya or Shuny Mudra. Here the middle finger (associated with ether) activated invites us to explore space. It is also the mudra of heaven and paradise. – at ARASIA-SHOP.
7 – KSEPANA MUDRA – This mudra promotes the expulsion of worn or negative energies and the subsequent absorption of soft, positive and restorative energy.
It also promotes relaxation, all tensions are released.
bhu mudra ancrage
8 – bhu mudra- ancrage
Bhu mudra encourage la stabilité et le sentiment de sécurité. Il fortifie la connexion avec la Terre mère ainsi qu’avec notre corps. Développe la patience. Mudra d’ancrage, excellent pour les voyageurs. Mot clé : connexion  – à ARASIA-SHOP.
9-Dhyani mudra-
This mudra is effective for refocusing and becoming fully aware of one’s personal power.
Very good against depression.
The 2 thumbs come together, the energy circulates, the hands form a dome. You can meditate on emptiness. This mudra is frequently associated with Buddha. – at ARASIA-SHOP.
10 – chin or gyan mudra –
Indispensable in the practice of yoga or meditation.
Chin Mudra (fingers turned towards the Earth): increases self-understanding.
Gyan Mudra (fingers facing the sky) increases understanding of the universe.
Soothing effect, increases concentration and receptivity.
The index finger represents the human being, the individual soul (atman or ego), and the thumb represents the divine, or the universal soul (Brahman or the Absolute)
The fire (the thumb) associates with the air (the index finger), and this forms a circle so that the energy circulates inside without going out outside.
11- APANA MUDRA is the mudra of purification and digestion. It promotes positive energies and brings the power of renewal. Supports visionary thinking. Strengthens the liver, kidneys, teeth and urinary system.
12 – Ganesha mudra
– hands placed at chest level should pull in opposite directions
– this mudra works on the opening of Anahata, heart chakra, the ability to receive and give love
– resolves respiratory problems and improves the functioning of the heart –
garuda mudra
13 – Garuda Mudra should be practiced to develop the feeling of freedom in one’s life. This mudra is very powerful. Garuda is a bird-man from Hindu and then Buddhist mythology. He is also considered the king of birds.
It is the mount of Vishnu, the god of time and the stability of the world, who maintains Life and Creation.
14 – SHANKH MUDRA. Also called the “shell gesture”, this mudra is very popular in India. Ideal to practice during seasonal changes or when your energy levels drop.
15 – PRANA MUDRA – the fire element is associated with the earth element to purify and increase vital energy (prana) This mudra also treats nervous problems and recharges all parts of the body. To perform prana mudra, the tip of the thumb touches the little finger and the ring finger. Keep the other two fingers straight