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This pretty natural stone mala with very soft colors is made of turkenite pearls and landscape jasper, as well as a pompom.


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Turkenite is indeed dyed howlite, it brings success and wisdom. It is a stone of appeasement, positivity and mental flexibility!

It also has the properties of howlite: anchoring, anti-stress, memory, meditation. Heals bones and teeth.

Landscape jasper, when it comes to it, is the traveler's stone (you can travel in the outer world but also in the inner world). It helps humans to look within themselves, to take stock. Provides anchorage, evolution and maturity. It is a stone of inner transformation in Unity. It is also a stone of protection and mutual aid. It is said to heal the liver and lungs.

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60 cm
natural stone
0,1 kg
Beads diameter
8 mm
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Sandalwood is a sacred tree found in India and Tibet. Its bark has many virtues. Its wood is soft and naturally fragrant, and is traditionally used in jewelry making.

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This mala is composed of 108 unakite beads (8mm diameter), small brass beads and a brass pendant representing a lotus. Unakite is a vision stone. Balancing, it allows you to overcome blockages, take a step back to better visualize and integrate the stages of your life. The lotus is a symbol of spiritual elevation.

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