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Yoga is one of the six teachings of Astik Indian philosophy.

Yoga integrates the physical body in a holistic spiritual approach.

Reading of Patanjali Yoga Sutra, we captures a better range of fields that covers this discipline ...

Basing exercises involving concentration, breathing and a sequence of complementary postures.

Yoga is practiced today all around the world, according to many interpretations ... and at different levels!

Whatever your level of practice, it is important to wear confortable yoga clothing in order not to disrupt the flow of breath and energy circulating through your body: Thai pants are often the preferred pants for yoga lovers !

To practice Yoga, you have to forget about any notion of performance or competition, and focus on regularity, humility and listening to your body.

With this mindset, even a gentle yoga practice will get amazing results: you'll soon have a boost of energy, you will gain concentration and you will experience an amazing zest for life ...

The daily practice of Yoga induces naturally to adopt a healthy lifestyle: it develops a better sense of self and the world, and prepares the body and mind to other practices, such as meditation.

Enter a world inside the world. 
Find the divine within you. 

Yoga is a discipline born in India and is now practiced daily by millions of people around the world. 
Yoga is a legacy of Shiva. 
It helps to find and maintain well-being, balance in one's life and vital energy through postures, meditation and breathing. 
Yoga is a lifestyle, combining ecological commitment, healthy and balanced diet and  openness. 

Arasia offers a wide range of clothes which are ideal for yoga practice !

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