The Laws of Karma

Karma is a key concept in many religions and Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism and Hinduism.

Karma is the result of consequences of our past, present and future. It is a cause-effect cycle.

In life, our experiences are the result of our own actions and thoughts.

We are responsible for our karma, and to improve it, it is essential to act with positive intentions and compassion.

The most important is the intention of our actions, in other words if you do commit a negative action unintentionally, the karmic consequences will be lessened.

Good intentions lead to pleasant outcomes and eventually happiness and bad intentions lead to unpleasant outcomes and thus misery.

Karma is the seed that you plant: you reap what you sow!

This is the law of cause and effect and retribution for our actions!

Principles to cleanse your karma:

be thankful
act with love
watch your attitude
examine your motivations
forgive others


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