Wholesale :

We are looking for retailers all over the world !  

We are importer and wholesaler for Thai handicraft products: fisherman pants, Thaï skirts, Thaï shirts, jewelry, massage accessories, Thai cushions ... etc.

We already deal with fair shops, spas and wellness institutes.

You can place a bulk order directly on our website. To see professional rates, first create an account and then send us a message. After validation you will have access to wholesale prices.

I remain at your disposal for any further information!

Our retailers :



partenariat arasia aromdee   Zandoli, salon de thé, commerce équitable, Montpellier  Revendeur Arasia Tarnarasia revendeur massage  Arasia Yoga et sens unea revendeur arasia 

Couleur Sable centre de Bien-être à Rueil Malmaison  arasia partenaire

Fabrice Genevois, artisan créateur de Zafus  Arasia seysses boutique

petites fleurs modèles bijoux   inspire arasia  catherine chaubet revendeur Arasia

siam arasia bien êtreyolande puchmarie estradevalérie yogablog chemins de l'energie