Don’t wait for the change, be it.

For the past decades, we’ve experienced a growing awareness worldwide regarding our resources : the society as we know it is a limited model.

The truth is, we consume resources faster than the planet generates them and the volume of toxic waste is increasing.

Fortunately, more and more initiatives are taking place, which is why today there are so many more eco-friendly avenues to build a greener future for the planet.

The sharing economy, carpooling, urban gardens, everything local or organic or fair, green and renewable energy, eco- villages, waste recycling …

These alternative lifestyles reposition the welfare of people as human beings at the center of concerns.

Today, we are seeing a real return to the sources and the taste of simplicity is found.

Educate yourself, act in your neighborhood, and remember: the world changes if I change!
It’s contagious !

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