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Plant a Tree

Arasia offers you, in collaboration with Planète Urgence, to plant a tree, or several, thanks to its reforestation actions in Peru (Amazonia), and in Indonesia. Arasia and its clients have already planted 2,080 trees since 2010. The projects we select make local populations aware of the issue of trees and forests, and the population becomes an actor in its own development, in harmony with nature.

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Long Necklace - detail
  • Long Necklace - detail
  • Long Wooden Necklace

Long Wooden Necklace

This pretty necklace is made of wood, wooden beads, coconut beads, brass, resin... It measures 45 cm in height. The round pendant measures 4.5 cm in diameter. Its colors are brown, red, green, blue, yellow. It is ethnic style, original and elegant.


  Take part in our reforestation action

1 euro = 1 tree

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Earrings Mango

Those nice and colorful earrings are made of mango wood in the north of Thaïland. There also are cotton thread and small beads. Hand made and fair trade.

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Reference: MA07

Mala Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a sacred tree found in India and Tibet. Its bark has many virtues. Its wood is soft and naturally fragrant, and is traditionally used in jewelry making.

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Reference: PAMA

Mango Jewelry Set

This pretty mango adornment includes an adjustable necklace (thanks to the sliding knots), and a pair of matching earrings. The wood used is very light (mango wood). It is painted dark brown/red color, and decorated with colored leather cords, and small wooden beads (purple, green and pink). The necklace also includes pretty black and white horn beads. Handmade in Northern Thailand.

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Reference: MA12

Mala Bracelet

This pretty wooden mala bracelet can also be worn as a necklace. Made up of sandalwood beads and turkenite (imitation turquoise tinted howlite).

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Reference: PIT

Tibetan Hair Pin

These pretty wooden hairpicks are adorned at the end with beautiful jewelry in Tibetan style. They measure approximately 16 cm in length. The model is sent randomly.

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Reference: MA06

Tiger eye onyx wood mala

This mala is a long necklace made of wood beads, onyx and tiger's eye with a black tassel. Onyx (black agate) is the artist's stone and the tiger's eye is a protection stone and a good anti-stress. This very stylish mala is suitable for both men and women. Total length about 55cm, pompom length about 9cm.

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Reference: BRABO

Bodhi Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet contains 15 Bodhi seeds hand strung on red and yellow braided nylon. There is a wooden clasp and the size of the bracelet is adjustable: you can easily adjust it to your wrist size.

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