7 Minerals gift box


This gift box includes 7 minerals (corresponding to the 7 chakras), 1 introductory booklet to the techniques of well-being, in french, which you can consult HERE, 1 mandala necklace (random color). Everything is very well presented, decorated, packaged and ready to be offered. We can add a personalized message upon request.

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7 Minerals gift box

Mineral size: between 2 and 4 cm. Each stone is unique and chosen by us.

Varieties of minerals:

chakra 1 = tiger's eye

chakra 2 = red jasper

chakra 3 = yellow calcite

chakra 4 = rose quartz

chakra 5 = chalcedony

chakra 6 = sodalite

chakra 7 = amethyst



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