Shiva Nataraj statue


This 10cm high bronze statue representing Shiva Nataraja, the hindu deity of dance. The whole cosmos dance to the drum of Shiva. This is the primitive pulse allowing the world to exist. Like the yin and the yang, the dancer and the dance are one.

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Shiva Nataraj statue

Lord Shiva has many names and forms.
One of the most famous is Shiva Nataraja, the dancer cosmique that give the rythme of the infinite process of destruction and creation of the universe.

Under his right foot he crushes a demon dwarf symbolizing ignorance.
His hair shows his immense power and is surrounded by a ring of fire (prabhamandala). The small drum (damaru) he holds in his upper right hand gives the pulse of the cosmos (maya) that comes to life thanks to the beneficial action of creative dance, the tandava.
The right hand offers less comfort to the faithful by making the abhaya mudra of blessing reassuring.
Shiva Nataraja is revered by performing artists (musicians, dancers, actors)


Height10 cm
Weight0,4 kg

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