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Dark Red Etnik Harem Pants XL
  • Dark Red Etnik Harem Pants XL

Etnik Harem Pants XL


This oversized harem pants with its beautiful embroidered belt is available in various colors. It is very comfortable to wear. 100% thick and very good quality cotton, it can be used by both men and women.

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Arasia oversized harem pants are wider and longer than standard size harem pants.

The waist measures between 63 and 93 cm, it is adaptable and you can tighten it laterally thanks to its beautiful belt.

These Harem XL pants do not have elastic at the waist, but has elastic at the ankles. It has a small pocket on the side.

Harem pants are traditional oriental pants, baggy and low at the crotch, and fitted at the ankles. It will enhance your figure.

All you have to do is to choose from the five available colors.

This item comes from fair trade with Thai artisans.



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entre 63 et 93 cm à la taille (adaptable)
Thick Cotton
110 cm
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