yellow jade bracelet


This bracelet is made of natural yellow jade beads. Beads diameter 8 mm. Yellow jade, a stone of optimism revered in Asia as the stone of wealth and wisdom, clarifies thoughts, harmonizes the body, spirit and all the chakras.

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yellow jade bracelet

The Chinese call the yellow jade "Yu", which means "beautiful stone", it is one of the symbols of their civilization.

The vibrations of this beautiful stone can help us untie the knots and emotional blocks, and give us more satisfaction in everyday life. Open the way to new ideas. It is a stone of serenity and joy. It has stimulating and anti stress virtues. It also helps the users to assert themselves.

The yellow jade is linked to the third chakra (Munipura)

Purification of yellow jade: water, salt, earth, incense.

Yellow jade recharge: sun, quartz clusters


Materialnatural stone
beads diameter8 mm

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