We invite you to discover the range of incense AUROSHIKHA: more than 35 scents incense 100% natural and ethical!

Natural incense has many powers! In addition to purifying the air, they awaken the senses and prepare the mind for the practice of meditation.

Arasia offers you practical rolled stones to keep in your pocket or slip under your pillow, as well as energetic jewels.

Minerals are real gifts of the Earth! By working energetically in connection with the chakras, they can help eliminate blockages, and improve your daily well-being.


Our Tibetan bowls are made with an alloy of 7 metals. They have the ability to harmonize people, places but also to purify and recharge minerals.

They are very useful in a holistic healing process.


Discover our range of massage and self massage accessories:

The massage ring. It is advisable to use it 2 to 3 minutes each day. Very useful for relaxing meridians.

Reflexology accessories: Reflexology brings pleasure and deep relaxation. For the Chinese, well-being would come first and foremost from the feet!

Comfortable cotton clothing

Arasia offers the famous Thai pants, ideal for therapists, but also for the practice of yoga and meditation, qi-gong, shiatsu, massages dressed ... etc

Zen decoration
We offer decorative items for your home, your practice therapist or your meditation corner: Indian wall hangings, Buddha statuettes, wooden elephants, Thai triangles cushions ...


At Arasia we love the power of ancient symbols, which can bring you well-being and harmony, when placed in your environment:


The tree of Life

The Flower of Life

Yin Yang


And many other symbols and meanings to discover on our blog or our website!

Ethical trade

Many of our articles come from ethical trade with our Thai producers friends!

We also work with eco-responsible sectors in India, and in Nepal.


Arasia, it is also a nice project of reforestation, 1 euro = 1 tree, in the Sunderbans in partnership with Mass-Education. You too, you can participate !

plant a tree

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