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Arasia offers a wide range of massage accessories dedicated to your well-being!

These wooden or metal massage objects are practical, fun and effective to improve your health and relieve muscle tension.

Easy to take everywhere and pleasant to use to massage yourself (self-massage) or massage your partner, they are also a nice and original g...

Arasia offers a wide range of massage accessories dedicated to your well-being!

These wooden or metal massage objects are practical, fun and effective to improve your health and relieve muscle tension.

Easy to take everywhere and pleasant to use to massage yourself (self-massage) or massage your partner, they are also a nice and original gift idea with which you will not fail to please your entourage.

Discover all our accessories and massage objects for the well-being of the back, feet, hands, head, fingers ... from Thailand, India or China. These three countries have a very old tradition of massage and holistic health.


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  • fingerzen YIN
    Reduced price!
    fingerzen YIN

    Finger massage rings are also called acupuncture rings or sujok rings. Popular among Chinese, the inventors of acupuncture, their daily use brings well-being by the relaxation of meridians.

    2,55 € 3,00 € -15%
    • YANG finger massager
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      YANG finger massager

      The YANG massage ring is thighter than the YIN ring and is suitable for the morning to stimulate your fingers. It is particularly suitable for people with fine fingers, or people who are using regularly massage rings and who seek a stronger effect.

      2,55 € 3,00 € -15%
      • Head Massager "zen-zen"

        Our head massager effectively stimulates millions of nerve endings in your head for a powerful sensation of chills that will relax you immediately.The zen-zen is a famous head massager that will get you in seconds an incredible feeling of well being and relaxation !

        6,00 € 8,00 € -25%
        • Massage Strap
          Reduced price!
          Massage Strap

          The back massage strap is ideal for relieving pain and releasing muscle tension. Very easy to use, it can be used for massage the back, the neck, the glutes, the back of the thighs and the calves ... You can reach all the zones of the back of your body quickly and without effort.

          12,75 € 15,00 € -15%
        • automassage supple stem
          Reduced price!
          automassage supple stem

          With this autoclave for the back you will be able to massage your own back in depth, and to control the pressure as you wish. It makes it easy to reach all the points of the back, without raising the arms.

          18,75 € 25,00 € -25%
        • automassage tough stem
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          automassage tough stem

          This automassage tough stem allows you to massage your back, and meter the pressure as desired. It allows to reach all points of the back, easily and without raising arms.

          18,75 € 25,00 € -25%
        • foot massage roller
          Reduced price!
          foot massage roller

          This foot massager is with big spikes for better stimulation of your feet reflexology points. Place the tablet on the floor, sit down in a chair,or a sofa and take off your shoes. Then put your feet on the tablet and roll them back and forth.Results: Deep relaxation and improving overall health through reflexology!

          22,40 € 28,00 € -20%
        • Car Shaped Massager

          This small wooden massage accessory for the thighs, calves, arms, back and belly, is car-shaped with its 4 ribbed wheels .

          9,00 € 10,00 € -10%
        • Zencube

          This wooden hand massage accessory with its 6 round corners is effective for relieving tensions accumulated (from working front of the computer for a long time, for example).  Place the instrument between your hands and perform wrist rotations, roll and rotate it in your hands ...   

          8,00 €
        • face roller
          Reduced price!
          face roller

          This face massager invigorates and tones facial skin, preserves its elasticity and helps prevent wrinkles. Roll the face massager on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Avoid the eye and contour. 

          10,20 € 12,00 € -15%
        • Massage Stick

          The wooden reflexology stick is the perfect accessory for the foot reflexology massage. The massage stick removes blockages and improves the flow of energy through the body.

          6,00 € 8,00 € -25%
        • cross of massage
          Reduced price!
          cross of massage

          Use this massage accessory to apply pressure to different parts of the body. Very good grip.

          6,40 € 8,00 € -20%
        • Hand and foot massager
          Reduced price!
          Hand and foot massager

          This 2 in 1 Massage accessory is composed of 2 parts. The part with several prominent peaks is to  roll between the two hands, this movement stimulates the reflexology points of the hands. The other part shaped tip is to use under the feet to press the reflexology points and can be used on other body parts. This hand-foot massager stimulates the reflex...

          9,60 € 12,00 € -20%
        • Hand massage tool
          Reduced price!
          Hand massage tool

          This massage accessory for hands is very effective in relieving hands outstretched, stiff or tired. The hands massage tool is to grasp between your palms and then to roll. It works instantly on the reflexology points of the hands.

          6,40 € 8,00 € -20%
        • Pinch massager
          Reduced price!
          Pinch massager

          The palpated roll exerts a pinch of the skin that drains, and eliminates toxins. He fights against the orange peel. This model is rosewood.

          18,00 € 20,00 € -10%
        • 1 ring + 1 bracelet massage

          This lot includes 1 massage bracelet and 1 massage ring. The colors are random. Perfect for relaxing fingers, hands and wrists.

          8,00 € 10,00 € -20%
        • foot massager
          Reduced price!
          foot massager

          This wooden foot massager is very sturdy and efficient, it has two feet with wooden balls at different areas of refléxology. Below the feet are two large springs allowing movement up and down. Ride on the massager, barefoot and raise and lower your feet alternately.

          31,20 € 39,00 € -20%
        • acupressure bracelet

          The acupressure bracelet is used for the massage of hands, wrists, forearms, elbows.This is a metal ring made of small triangular shaped dots that stimulate the reflexology points of your hand.

          8,00 € 10,00 € -20%
          • Magnetic balls

            This pair of magnetic balls is super effective for massaging palms.The surface of the balls is bristling with hundreds of small spikes acting like so many needles on your reflexology points.

            8,00 €
          • qi qong balls
            Reduced price!
            qi qong balls

            A pair of green balls of qi gong, with yin yang pattern, in their blue storage box.Take both balls with one hand and turn them; Regular use increases the dexterity and flexibility of the hands.

            14,40 € 18,00 € -20%
          • flower carpet purple
            Reduced price!
            flower carpet

            Our flower carpet measures 67 cm by 42 cm, it is sold with its pillow (35 cm by 15 cm by 10 cm) and its storage bag. Ideal for relieving pain and activating blood and lymphatic circulation.

            67,50 € 75,00 € -10%
            • wooden back scratcher

              Our wooden back scratcher has a small wooden hand. Length about 48 cm. This wooden back scraper is a very handy object to scratch oneself back!

              12,00 €
            • glasses with holes
              Reduced price! New
              glasses with holes

              These black plastic glasses with small holes naturally muscle the optic nerve. It is advisable to use them for 15 minutes every day, at the minimum, while doing your usual occupations.Its use quickly improves eyesight. Relieves headaches and eyestrain.

              13,20 € 15,00 € -12%
            • spin massager
              Reduced price!
              massage tool

              Roll this wooden massage accessory with sleek design on the back and legs!  

              10,80 € 12,00 € -10%
            • big hand massager
              Reduced price!
              big hand massager

              This massage accessory is to be held between the hands and rolled over each palms. The small balls massaging the hand will stimulate the points of reflexology. The use of this instrument stimulates intellect and concentration.

              11,20 € 14,00 € -20%
            • Massage Ball
              Reduced price!
              Massage Ball

              Grip the biggest ball and with the 4 other balls, make circular movements and small pats on your back, legs, arms, belly, neck, head ... The four balls while turning simultaneously will give you great relief and a great pleasure!This wooden massage accessory is handy and easy to use.

              6,40 € 8,00 € -20%
            • massage gift box

              This massage set, ideal to offer, contains 1 massage thong, 1 massage triangle, 1 massage ball 4 legs, and 2 massage rings.

              32,00 €
            • Lot of 100 finger rings

              Ideal therapists or resellers. You can offer the rings to your customers or resell them to the unit. Lot of 100 rings of varied and random colors.

              100,00 €
            • Flipyflux
              Reduced price!

              The flipyflux, or toroflux is a mesmerizing kinetic sculpture that slide on your arms while you are dancing, an interactive and hypnotizing toy!Our flipyflux is made of silver colored metal, and is supplied in its cloth storage pocket.

              16,00 € 20,00 € -20%
            • peace of mind gift box

              The ARASIA escape kit is the ideal gift for anyone interested in well-being and personal development. It includes several small objects related to relaxation and meditation, and an explanation booklet (in french, very easy to read)  that you can discover here.

              29,00 €
            • well being gift box

              This box "ready to give" contains: 1 statuette of Buddha, 3 massage accessories, 3 different natural incenses, 1 incense holder, 3 different minerals, and 1 introductory booklet to the techniques of well-being that you can visualize HERE (in french)

              58,00 €