Indian Wall Hanging

Indian Wall Hanging

Indian hangings are ideal for warming the walls of a home, covering a bed or sofa, or even serving as a divider in a shared space.

They are also perfect to cover a massage table, a bench, or as a tablecloth to create a zen and relaxed atmosphere.

Bright colors have a positive effect, for example, red gives a feeling of warmth and security, and yellow is energizing. While pastel colors or white balance the color schemes of the room.

India is a country famous for its tapestries, which are offered in a wide variety of patterns: Buddha, Ganesh, Shiva, Yin Yang, Aum, Mandala, Tree of Life or Elephant. You will find the meanings of the symbols on the blog.

Maintenance tips:

Carry out the first cold wash separately or with similar colors (it can be soaked in water with vinegar to fix the colors), and the following washes at 30 or 40 degrees. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can alter colors.

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Shiva Wall Hanging

This very beautiful Indian wall tapestry, white and blue, represents the god Shiva meditating on a tiger skin. Shiva is a powerful and destructive God, but also benevolent, according to his appearance. He is the father of Ganesh.

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