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Plant a Tree

Arasia offers you, in collaboration with Planète Urgence, to plant a tree, or several, thanks to its reforestation actions in Peru (Amazonia), and in Indonesia. Arasia and its clients have already planted 2,080 trees since 2010. The projects we select make local populations aware of the issue of trees and forests, and the population becomes an actor in its own development, in harmony with nature.

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What could be better than coming home, in a warm atmosphere and surrounding yourself with objects that make sense and improve well-being?

Discover Asian Zen decorative objects from India, but also from Thailand, Nepal, and China.

You will find many sources of inspiration there, such as Thai triangle cushions, or statues of deities, which in addition to being decorative, will bring peace and harmony to your home.

Indian wall hangings are ideal for warmly dressing the walls of a room or covering a sofa.

Ring a Tibetan bowl, in order to diffuse its deep, soft and pleasant vibrations.

Burn an incense stick to create an atmosphere that corresponds to your desires of the moment (cinnamon, lemon, coconut, vanilla, almond...)

Arrange lamps, carpets, and cushions, to finish bringing a Zen touch to your decoration!

Feng shui, a thousand-year-old art of Chinese ancestral culture, can guide you in designing your interior to enhance your well-being on a daily basis. Organizing your space well in this way will allow you to facilitate the circulation of energies in your home.

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There is 1 product.
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  • Material: felt

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Felt Trivet Nepal

This beautiful felt trivet is original and colorful. The diameter is about 22 cm. This item comes from ethical trade with Nepalese artisans.

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