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Plant a Tree

Arasia invites you to participate in the 1€ = 1 tree operation, which was launched in 2010. You can plant a tree, or several, in partnership with Arasia and the environmental protection associations that we select. Currently, in partnership with Planète Urgence, we are planting trees in Peru (Amazonia), and Indonesia. 2080 trees have already been planted by Arasia and its customers since 2010, an average of 160 trees per year. The projects we select raise local populations' awareness of tree and forest issues, and the population becomes an actor in its own development, in harmony with nature.

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Fisherman Pants

Thai pants are an essential item of clothing in the wellness world, yoga classes, martial arts, massage parlors, spas... They are one size, unisex, casual, original and comfortable. These thick cotton Thai pants are of very good quality. Its wide cut adapts to your waistline with a set of folds. There is a pocket on one side.

Reference: M-BYi-Or

Fingerzen YIN

The massage ring is a very effective little accessory to improve well-being. Use it regularly to help prevent or relieve arthritis and osteoarthritis, stimulate circulation and activate the meridians, those energy lines that run through our body according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). According to this ancient and holistic medicine, each finger corresponds to one or more organs and one or more emotions (see diagram).

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Acupressure Accessories

Acupressure Accessories

Arasia Acupressure Accessories


Acupressure or acupressure is the application of pressure to certain points or areas of the body to balance energy, promote healing and well-being.

Each acupressure point is related to one or more organs, specific bodily functions, or emotional states.

Acupressure uses fingers, hands, elbows, or special tools to apply pressure to acupressure points, which generally correspond to reflexology points or TCM acupuncture points.


According to reflexology, the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands, the ears or even the face are miniature maps of the body as a whole, and have points and areas that connect with the organs and different systems of the body. body. body.

By stimulating these reflexology points, we act by mirror effect on other parts of the body, to relaunch the flow of energy and promote general well-being.

Chinese traditional medicine

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the human body contains more than 360 acupuncture points.

Acupuncture uses needles to stimulate these points that are connected to the organs and systems of the body.

Thus, the circulation of vital energy, called "Qi" or "Chi", is fluidized through the meridians (energy channels).


Acupressure techniques stimulate and restart energy flows, as well as the circulation of blood and lymph throughout the body.

They can help reduce pain and tension and encourage self-healing.

Acupressure can also help reduce stress, improve sleep, and restore balance to the body and mind.

Wide selection of tools

Arasia offers finger massage rings (or acupressure rings or SUJOK rings), massage bracelets (or acupressure bracelets), magnetic balls that combine acupressure with magnetotherapy, as well as the famous flower field carpet or fakir carpet. .

We also offer the famous head massager, a simple yet revolutionary wellness tool, as well as reflexology rods, sticks and tablets.

All of these tools can help you improve your general well-being or work on specific issues.

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  • Origin: Thaïland

Reference: MA-TIG-D

Back Automassage Stem

This accessory for self-massage of the back comes from Thailand, it is a country with a great and millennial tradition in massages. Hold the longer end with 2 hands (do not raise your elbows which should stay along your body) and the curved end comes up to touch your shoulder blades passing over your shoulder. Then, move both hands in forward/backward, left/right, or circular motions... so that the end of the wand massages your back in the places you want. Repeat on the other side, then on each side of your back, wrapping the bar around your hips so that the tip massages your lower back.

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Reference: MA-TAB

Foot Massage Roller

The foot massage is very pleasant, and effective in evacuating all the stress and fatigue accumulated during the day. Ideal at night to promote restful sleep. Our easily transportable wooden reflexology tablet will allow you to massage your feet easily, with ease, and anywhere!

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Reference: MA-BATV

Massage Stick (varnished)

The wooden stick for reflexology is traditionally used in Thailand to massage the arch of the foot. It can also be used on other parts of the body, such as hands, arms, back, face ...

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Reference: MA-CROI

Cross of Massage

The massage cross is a massage tool that looks like a cross or a four-pointed star. It is often used to massage the back, shoulders, legs, arms and other parts of the body. Each tip varies in size to accommodate different massage needs. Use them to apply targeted pressure to different areas of the body. Using a massage cross can help relieve muscle pain, stimulate blood circulation, and reduce stress and anxiety

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Reference: MA-BATB

Massage Stick (raw)

The wooden massage stick is traditionally used in Thailand for arch massage. It allows you to exert precise pressure on the reflexology points that are related to the different organs of the body. Stimulation of these reflex zones improves the overall health and well-being of the individual. This massage stick, or reflexology stick is made of unvarnished raw wood, and measures approximately 15 cm in length.

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