Reforestation in Sumatra

Glances, expressions, gestures … The behavior of the last great ape in Asia could not be more disturbing … In Malay , orangutan means “man of the forest” the beast shares 96.4% of its DNA with humans.

Yet, massive deforestation is currently taking place in these paradise islands of Borneo and Sumatra, mainly to plant oil palm tree – palm oil is produced at very low prices and is increasingly used in the food, cosmetics and chemical industries, and for the manufacture of biofuels.

Highly dependent on forests, not only orangutans are endangered: the forests’extraordinary biodiversity as well. Indonesia knows the world’s fastest deforestation (the equivalent of a football field every 10 seconds).

Forest destruction threatens the balance of our planet.

Arasia, in partnership with Sumatran Orangoutan Society, attempts to raise awareness on this issue, and sells a range of T-shirts and tank tops directly supporting this cause.

Achievement in Indonesia!

Take action!

Arasia also sponsored the planting of 800 trees in the park of GunungLeuser in Sumatra.

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