A tree is worth more than its wood

A tree is a treasure that provides shading, moisture, fruits and fresh air.
A tree is a home to birds, insects and monkeys, the forests are the lungs of the earth.

In yoga, tree posture is excellent to soothe, harmonize and balance the body and mind.

Unfortunately deforestation is raging all around the globe…
Wild animals flee at the sound of chainsaws which destroys the ecosystems and replacing them with monocultures that deprive people of their traditional natural resources.
A destroyed forest can no longer regulate drought and moisture, and tree roots can no longer hold the soil during storms, landslides, and climate change …
We shall remain positive anyway and plant trees!

More and more activities are carried out locally and globally to fight against environmental destruction.

Every single one of us can act at their own scale and broadcast the message.

statue dans un arbre

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