Hemp Clothing

The hemp textile fiber possesses exceptional qualities, and its cultivation is environmentally friendly. Discover our hemp clothing models and all the advantages of this noble textile that is making a comeback!

Clothing, fabrics, sails, ropes… Hemp is a very useful plant in many fields and has multiple advantages.

A plant with extraordinary properties.

Cultivated for at least 5000 years, hemp is a plant with exceptional qualities. It was widely used before the industrial era in many fields, then neglected in favor of other materials.

Food, cosmetics, paint, stationery, textiles, navigation, construction, medical applications, animal litter, soil regeneration… Its uses are numerous, and its cultivation requires neither chemical fertilizers nor pesticides.

In the medical field, hemp is analgesic, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, anti-nausea, anti-emetic, stimulates appetite, and aids sleep. It proves to be very useful in the treatment of many diseases.

The oil extracted from its seeds is edible and possesses exceptional nutritional qualities.

Today, hemp is experiencing a resurgence of interest, thanks in particular to its ecological qualities and its contribution to sustainable development.

A high-quality textile

The qualities of hemp textile are numerous: this noble and eco-friendly fabric has many remarkable properties!
  • Thermoregulator: in winter it keeps warm as it is robust and thick, in summer it keeps cool as it allows the skin to breathe and does not stick…
  • Naturally antibacterial, it is ideal for sensitive skin and does not cause allergies.
  • Can be worn for several days without washing, does not retain body odors, and absorbs moisture. Moreover, after washing, it dries quickly in the open air.
  • Durable, resistant, and robust, it maintains the same shape throughout its life, does not shrink when washed, you can keep it for many years!
  • Environmentally friendly, hemp is an excellent alternative to cotton, linen, and preserves the environment and therefore human health.

A garment that reflects your essence

The clothes you wear can change your life! Hemp clothing brings you well-being and energy, supporting your creative potential as they resonate with your inner self… They help you listen to your body and your heart and develop your natural gifts!

Indeed, the clothes you wear can either block your energy or, on the contrary, balance and harmonize you. Like a second skin, seemingly tailored for you, hemp clothing supports you on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, providing protection and freedom!

Arasia’s hemp clothing models

Our clothing helps you stay attuned to your sensations: They don’t stick to your skin and don’t constrict you… The feeling is both soft and sturdy… The color is natural and soothing… Energies flow… The shape is loose and comfortable, allowing you to forget it and focus on the essentials! You have great freedom of movement, you regain lightness, while cultivating respect for your body and the planet! Moreover, they will enhance your silhouette.

Our 100% hemp Thai pants are unisex and one size fits all. The fabric is very comfortable, natural, and durable. The mottled beige color is very natural. It adjusts to your waist size thanks to a series of folds, it is adjustable in width and height. There is a large pocket on the side.

How to put on your Thai pants?

[Link to the video]

Men’s Hemp Tunic offered by Arasia

Our men’s 100% hemp shirt with its Mandarin collar and two beautiful wooden buttons. It is available in 3 sizes.

Thai hemp Capri pants offered at Arasia boutique

These items come from fair trade with Thai artisans.

Soon we will offer you Thai hemp Capri pants and Thai hemp skirts!

Thank you for reading, and see you soon on the online store!

Flower of Life

What is the Flower of Life?

The flower of life is the graphic expression of a concentration of physical laws but also of metaphysical laws.
This mandala, geometric, sacred and harmonious pattern, leads us to a reflection on the logical construction of our universe and on the interdependence of all things.
It is sacred, venerated, respected by all the traditions of the world, and its symbolic energy is powerful.
It generates a beautiful and stable shape wave. A wave of life and positive expansion that harmonizes thoughts, the environment and energizes water and food! Its regenerating vibratory power is extraordinary.

People have pondered this

Nassim Haramein is an internationally recognized physicist and cosmologist. He discovers for the first time at the Temple of Osiris in Egypt the 2D representation of the flower of life. He will later discover another representation of it in Beijing in China, in the forbidden city, another sacred site. A 3D sphere, located under the paw of the “Fu-Dog”, the “Guardian Lion” considered as the guardian of knowledge.
Leonardo da Vinci, mathematician, studies the shape of the flower of life and its mathematical properties.
It was also made popular by Drunvalo Melchizedek through his two books on “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life”. In it, he recounts in detail the techniques necessary to create the energy field of the evolved man.

You can download this flower of life, to print it and use it in your environment, to purify your water, your minerals, your plants, to slip under your pillow, etc…

A universal symbolic power

The flower of life has been found in Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Ireland, England, Israel, India, Japan, China, Germany, Spain, Switzerland..

It contains many mathematical or symbolic representations:

The 5 Platonic solids representing the 5 elements,
Metatron’s Cube
The 7 planets (the center: the Earth + the 6 centers of the second level of circles, which form the seed of life),
The 12 signs of the zodiac (the 12 centers of the 3rd level of circles),
and some of its secrets have so far remained unrevealed.

Due to its many properties, the flower of life naturally releases very powerful vibrational waves. It can be used to energize water, food, and to purify and recharge minerals.

It is also an ideal medium for meditation, because the more we contemplate it, the more our mind can grasp the mystery of divine design.

See the flower of life items and jewelry in your Arasia store

The tree of life, a mythical symbol

The tree of life: this mythical symbol

The tree of life is a powerful and ancient symbol, present in many cultures.

The Tree of Life is often depicted within a circle. The circle is the perfect shape that represents consciousness, as well as the unity of life, which is the cell. The circle is also the basic element of the Flower of Life.

The Tree of Life represents the continuity of evolution and the symbolic connection between all forms of creation, like a vast planetary family tree. It is protective and a provider of sustenance.

The tree of knowledge connects the underground world, represented by the roots, with the heavenly world, represented by the branches.

The tree is a symbol present in many religions, mythologies and philosophies.

According to Christianity, the tree is present in the garden of Eden, it is the symbol of eternal life and the knowledge of good and evil.

The same notion of an immortal tree is found in Islam and in Judaism. Placed in the middle of Paradise, it loses its leaves every winter and these grow back in the following spring (representation of the eternal cycle of seasons and life).

According to Buddhism, ‘Açvattha’ is a sacred fig tree: it is under this tree that Buddha meditated and acquired wisdom.

Among the Hindus, the universe takes the form of an overturned tree: it’s roots start from the sky, and its branches and leaves cover the earth. The sacred tree of Hindus is the Akshayavat, “the eternal banyan“, a remarkable example of divine power, for this tree would be indestructible. It would be located within the ramparts of Fort Allahabad, at the confluence of the Ganges and the Yamuna River.

In Chinese mythology, ‘Kien-mou’ is the sacred tree that connects the nine sources (stay of the dead) to the nine heavens. Thanks to him, the sovereigns pass from heaven to earth and vice versa. They are temporary substitutes for the sun to manage life on earth.

The tree of life, a mythical symbol, is considered a lucky charm, a talisman that reminds us of where we come from and where we go (we come from Earth to rise to the Heavens).

The tree is charged with symbolism and imbued with divine essence, and with the spark of life that allows it to grow.

It is a very recurrent symbol on jewelry, and ARASIA-SHOP hangings for its spiritual aspect, but it is also because very aesthetic.

We offer many products wonderfully decorated with trees of life like draperies, pendants, etc …

Plant a tree with Arasia and Planet Urgence.

The banyan trees: sacred trees

The banyan, also called pagoda fig tree, Bo tree, pipal, or ficus religiosa is a majestic tree that can reach 30 meters, and several hundred meters in circumference!

With its aerial roots descending from its bushy crown to the ground, becoming trunks, and its heart-shaped leaves, the banyan invites to meditation. In Asia, they are found everywhere: in the towns, in the middle of a road, in front of a building or in the middle of a parking lot, and are tended to by devotees who come to place some offerings or prayers.

Indeed, it is said that Buddha attained enlightenment under the shadow of a banyan tree. And the Bhagavad-Gita made it the tree of supreme knowledge.

This tree has a particular energy, the banyan trees are very often found near the temples, and can live up to 1500 years. It has the power to calm the mind, but also to take the mind very high to heaven.

In South America it is called “the tree that walks” because it seems to have enormous legs that can be compared to elephant’s that leave the “main trunk”.

Some famous banyan trees:

The most famous and most sacred is in the holy city of Bodh-Gaya, in northeastern India, where the Buddha would have attained enlightenment.

The Great Banian of Howrah, near Calcutta, India. Its diameter is over 130 meters.

Another famous Banyan is the Dodda Alada Mara in Bangalore.

The banyan is part of many Ayurvedic remedies. One uses its sap, its leaves, or its bark.

Operation 1 euro = 1 tree in Bengal!

Arasia’s reforestation

Forest Man, the man who planted a forest!

Majuli Island is located in the Bhramaputra River in the north of India. In the 1970s it was a large shoal threatened by winds and soil erosion with a population of 150,000 inhabitants.

Jadav Payeng is an incredible defender of nature. Since 1979, tree by tree, he planted, by himself an incredible forest, the Molai forest, with the aim of saving his island treatened by erosion.

Today, the Molai Forest makes up to more than 550 hectares. It has become dense and rich, and is home to many animal and plant, many of which are endangered: elephants, Bengal tigers, one-horned rhinoceros, vultures …

The Molai forest was planted by a single man, now dubbed “Forest Man”, he planted his forest without tools or without any help but simply with his two bare hands.

Jadav Payeng devoted his life to planting this forest, this man is a true nature lover, humble and passionate, who shows us that with will anything is possible.

His fight is far from over. As he himself says: “it will never be. The biggest threat I face is not from nature but from my people. Man has a vocation to destroy everything, when it should be the opposite. I will fight to the end to make it happen. “

What if we took this as an example and each of us take action on their own scale? The whole world would be transformed.

Arasia offers you the opportunity to plant trees by participating in the operation 1 euro = 1 tree, in partnership with the Indian NGO Mass-Education.

Click here to plant a tree!

Learn more about reforestation projects sponsored by Arasia here.

Reforestation in Sumatra

Glances, expressions, gestures … The behavior of the last great ape in Asia could not be more disturbing … In Malay , orangutan means “man of the forest” the beast shares 96.4% of its DNA with humans.

Yet, massive deforestation is currently taking place in these paradise islands of Borneo and Sumatra, mainly to plant oil palm tree – palm oil is produced at very low prices and is increasingly used in the food, cosmetics and chemical industries, and for the manufacture of biofuels.

Highly dependent on forests, not only orangutans are endangered: the forests’extraordinary biodiversity as well. Indonesia knows the world’s fastest deforestation (the equivalent of a football field every 10 seconds).

Forest destruction threatens the balance of our planet.

Arasia, in partnership with Sumatran Orangoutan Society, attempts to raise awareness on this issue, and sells a range of T-shirts and tank tops directly supporting this cause.

Achievement in Indonesia!

Take action!

Arasia also sponsored the planting of 800 trees in the park of GunungLeuser in Sumatra.

The significance of the lotus

The lotus is an aquatic plant with blue, pink, purple or white flowers that is similar to the water lily.

Emerging from the mud, it rises towards the light and thus represents elevation and spiritual realization.


The lotus (padma in Sanskrit) is the sacred flower of Buddhism and Hinduism and its symbolism is rich and powerful.

According to Buddhist tradition, when the Buddha walked, lotus flowers bloomed…

Brahma, the creator God of the Hindus is said to have been born in a lotus. This flower is the symbol of the origin of the manifestation of life.

It also often serves as a throne for the deities.

In India

A symbol of beauty, purity and elegance, it is also the national flower of India.

The Lotus Temple in New Delhi, India, is an architectural curiosity in the shape of a lotus flower about to bloom. It aims to be universal and open to all religions. No particular ritual is performed there, but people simply come to meditate in silence and with an open heart.


In yoga, the lotus posture (padmasana) is a symbol of meditation and awakening. Like a lotus, a novice person is mired in the materiality of the world. But as she progresses in yoga, she has the opportunity to open up beautifully.

In this posture, the arrangement of the arms and legs evokes the petals of a lotus. This position calms the mind and awakens the divine energy that lies dormant within us.

Lotus mudra

The lotus mudra, to be done at the heart level, is excellent for helping us feel the warmth of existence. This mudra called the lotus flower opens our heart to universal love.

The lotus symbolizes the heart where the divine sits, as well as the chakras, which are also called the lotuses, or the wheels. The wheel is a stylized lotus, where everything starts from the center and returns to the center.

Arasia Shop offers you natural white lotus incense

And the mandala or lotus flower puzzle

And many other products on the theme of the lotus…

A tree is worth more than its wood

A tree is a treasure that provides shading, moisture, fruits and fresh air.
A tree is a home to birds, insects and monkeys, the forests are the lungs of the earth.

In yoga, tree posture is excellent to soothe, harmonize and balance the body and mind.

Unfortunately deforestation is raging all around the globe…
Wild animals flee at the sound of chainsaws which destroys the ecosystems and replacing them with monocultures that deprive people of their traditional natural resources.
A destroyed forest can no longer regulate drought and moisture, and tree roots can no longer hold the soil during storms, landslides, and climate change …
We shall remain positive anyway and plant trees!

More and more activities are carried out locally and globally to fight against environmental destruction.

Every single one of us can act at their own scale and broadcast the message.

statue dans un arbre

Other Uses of Soap Nuts

Concoction of soap nuts:

Boil 1 liter of water with 10 or 20 soap nuts for 5 to 10 minutes, let cool for a few hours, and filter. Keep it in a cool ambiance for several days.
It is optional to add a preservative (lemon, tea tree essential oil or grapefruit seed extract)

You can use this concoction as a no foam shampoo : your hair will be shiny and easier to style!

You can use this concoction as a natural mild soap to wash your animals (dog, horse).

A highly concentrated concoction will give you a natural form of soap which is regenerating and non-aggressive, and that you can use to hand wash your clothes or your body.

You can use it as a universal cleaner due to its purifying and disinfecting properties.

You can use also use it to protect your plants, to moisten and water your plants. Your garden will thank you!

The fruit core is often used in the manufacture of handcrafted jewelry.

The Sapindus mukorossi is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to cure skin diseases.

You can find more information and buy soap nuts on my online shop Arasia.

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